Give me your hand. Shanghai stretched out his hand.

Three months…too long… Shanghai shook his head slightly, and immediately asked: \”What about the position from guard to chief guard?\”Brother Lin, you are embarrassing us. From the guard to the guard, I can do it later, from the guard to the guard… To be honest, I haven\’t completed those tasks yet. The difficulty is too high. The difficulty of the tasks required between a position is extremely difficult. Yi Lan smiled helplessly.Shanghai nodded, expressing understanding.It can be seen from the attendant assessment that it would be quite troublesome to pass if it hadn\’t comprehended the mood of reincarnation.However, there are some special tasks. If these tasks can pass, they can be qualified for the assessment. The lowest of these special tasks is equivalent to more than three guard tasks, and the highest one even reaches 100 guard tasks. If it can be done, then there is no need to do the other tasks…When Yi Lan said this, he paused, \”However, I still hope Brother Lin will not take this risk.\”There will be life-threatening? Shanghai asked.Nine deaths…Yi Lan sighed, \”A lot of people have tried this highest mission, but none of them can survive.\”What kind of mission?Annihilate a magical charm… Yi Lan said solemnly.Charm?Well, it was made from the broken body of an ancient god. It has existed for many years. There have been many powerful people who have done special tasks in the past. Since then, I don’t want to mention this task again. One of my parents also went back that year, and he came back alive by chance. He told me, don’t touch this task, and said, even if it is to comprehend the reincarnation of the four worlds. If the strong go, they may not be able to complete… Yi Lan said.Shanghai didn\’t say anything. With his current strength, he would naturally not touch this special mission. It would be a life of nine deaths.There is one thing I want to bother you. Shanghai said.Brother Lin is already one of the members of the alliance, so why not be so polite, just say it.Can you check for me, where are the treasures that enhance the mood of reincarnation? Shanghai couldn\’t help but ask.Comprehension alone is not enough. You must be assisted by treasures. There is a difference between having treasures and not having treasures. Why did Shenlong understand the reincarnation mood of the Second World Zun at such a young age? It wasn\’t because the True Underworld God Clan gave him all kinds of treasures at all costs.I know that there are treasures in two places that can enhance the mood of reincarnation, but these two places are extremely dangerous, and there are forbidden objects guarded there. Don\’t hide the truth from Brother Lin, we have tried it before, and we paid a lot of money. There have also been many masters in God\’s Domain, but they have not been able to get it… Yi Lan said helplessly.However, she still passed those two places to Shanghai through spiritual knowledge. After all, this is not too secret in the city of Shenlin. Some strong people know that they just don\’t dare to go.


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