When Siyu returned behind him, he saw Jian Xi like an immortal. There was a red cloud on his little face. The next moment, people had reached Jian Xi\’s arms.

Senior, what happened to these two? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.These two people? They have already reached the ancient Tianjin Road. I don\’t know if they are finished. These two have extremely high qualifications, and there are some specialties that ordinary people cannot have. They can walk on the ancient Tianjin Road. Compare that. Ancient Road Spirit said slowly.Tianjin Ancient Road…Shanghai frowned, and behind the Bronze Ancient Road was the Diyin Ancient Road. Wasn\’t the Jin Gu Road behind the Diyin Ancient Road that day?The Diyin Ancient Road is a place where even the ancient gods would perish. On that day, the Golden Ancient Road was probably more dangerous. Those who could step into it were by no means ordinary people. My parents could walk to the Tianjin Ancient Road and leave alive. It is very possible that the two have already walked the ancient Tianjin road.In the memory of Shanghai, his father has always been extremely serious, and his mother has a gentle personality. At first he thought his parents were just ordinary Xuanmu people. After returning to the line of spirits and spirits, he realized that his mother was not. Ordinary people are actually descendants of God\’s Realm True Underworld Protoss.And after learning that his parents had entered the upper heaven of God’s Domain and stepped into the secret realm that even the God King dared not involve, Shanghai finally came back safely. Shanghai just thought that his parents had great luck. After all, it was the secret realm of the upper heaven of God’s Realm. The place where the king\’s city fell.If the parents really have the patience to surpass the god king, the gods and others of the gods of the true underworld will not dare to be so arrogant, and the spirit and god line will not stay in the wild world forever.But after the spirit of the ancient road learned that his parents had stepped onto the ancient Tianjin Road, Shanghai suddenly realized that their parents were even more different than those who looked like them. Where is the ancient Tianjin Road? It was more terrifying than the Diyin Ancient Road, and they had finished walking.Although I don\’t know what kind of abilities and qualifications are needed to complete the Tianjin Ancient Road, Shanghai knows that his parents are absolutely extraordinary.Even the Tianjin Ancient Road can be walked, and the parents are definitely still alive. Shanghai can be sure that although there is no trace of the parents for the time being, at least it is certain that the parents are extraordinary and they must be in a certain area. As long as they continue to grow and improve, they will meet sooner or later. To theirs.Bronze Sendai certified person, now you have two choices, one is to leave the ancient bronze road, and the other is to enter the trial of bronze sendai. The spirit of the ancient road suddenly said.Trial? Shanghai was startled.Leaving and trials should be unique to those certified by Bronze Sendai, and only after stepping into the end of Bronze Sendai within one year can they become certified.At the same time, Shanghai suddenly understood why he could not meet the danger at the end. Obviously, he triggered the identification of Bronze Sendai, so that the danger disappeared. This is a good thing, at least for the time being no need to face the omnipresent danger.Senior, what kind of trial is Bronze Sendai? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Bronze Sendai gives a trial of expectation. The specific trial depends on people\’s mid-term expectations. Some people are eager to obtain a powerful artifact, some are eager to improve themselves as soon as possible, and some are eager to obtain some special things… Gu Lu Zhiling said.Then who made this bronze Sendai? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.I don\’t know! The Spirit of Ancient Road shook his head.Senior, don\’t you know? Shanghai was stunned. It could be seen that the spirit of the ancient road was not good at lying, obviously he really didn\’t know.


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