\”Well, here –\” Jane Xi felt like a golden bean in her sleeve. To be exact, this is not a golden bean. Jane Xi took one of the golden beads from a string of gold necklaces. She didn\’t see that there was a small hole in the middle. It was used for threading ropes.

Mu Ningxue rushed over, her pretty face full of worries, apparently she already knew the news that Shanghai was going to bring Tianchen Alliance to attack Shenlincheng.Shanghai smiled, stroked her hair lightly, and said, \”Don\’t worry, wait for me to come back.\”Um!Mu Ningxue nodded. Although she was quite worried, she knew that even if she persuaded her, she couldn\’t change Shanghai\’s mind.Since childhood, Shanghai has been like this. Once a decision is made, no one can change it. Even she can only provide a little comfort. The rest of the people can hardly shake his thoughts.You must be careful. Mu Ningxue said.Yeah! Shanghai nodded, without saying anything, and shook his body, leaving the conference hall with Tai Xun.Watching Shanghai leave, Mu Ningxue took a deep look, turned around resolutely, and walked towards the secret room. She knew that she couldn\’t help much now, and the only thing she could do was stay here safely and not add anything to Shanghai. Any trouble, of course, she has to practice in retreat and improve herself as soon as possible.At this time!A beautiful shadow swept over her, her posture was very moving.Why are you here? Shanghai looked at Ming Yuyan in surprise.Can I join? Ming Yuyan asked.Okay. Shanghai hesitated for a while, nodding slightly, Ming Yuyan also joined the Tianchen Alliance, but was not included in the ranks of the three thousand strong.This was arranged by Tai Xun. After all, Ming Yuyan\’s identity was quite special, and it was not easy for him to be placed among the three thousand strong.Afterwards!A group of people came to the outside of the hall.The three thousand powerhouses are already ready to go, and every eye is filled with excitement and excitement, and they can\’t even wait.My lord! Chi Xing and others took the lead in bowing down.Wow!The other strong men followed and bowed on one knee.


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