\”Hey! Miss, please come in. There\’s a seat in it.\” the waiter smiled to meet the guests. Jane looked at it. It\’s just an ordinary person. There\’s nothing special.

The four-color light slowly emerged, and the power of the three gods originally floating around was quickly drawn over. With the collection of these powers, dense electric lights, violent flames, thick earth dust, and special blood The awns continue to breed.Immediately afterwards, these four special forces gathered together, and a body emerged from it. He was a white-haired old man, but his body was sturdy and vigorous, and every hair was shining brightly. The color, like a crystal, is extremely extraordinary.In the hands of this old man, he carried a young man whose body was almost completely shattered.Ling… Fight… Heaven… Yue Shan uttered these three words jerkily.suddenly!Ling Zhantian opened his eyes, and four colors of light shot out.Bang!With a broken arm, Yue Shan let out a scream.Yue Shan, I have been with you for many years. Although the two have contradicted each other, it is only because of the contest between the two of me. I originally thought that I would cherish each other with you, but I didn\’t expect you to betray the four race alliance for your own benefit. Ling Zhan Tian stared at Yue Fan who had broken an arm.Ling Zhantian, you still became a god…Yue Shan\’s eyes showed strong jealousy, \”Why am I not as good as you? I have higher aptitude than you, and higher understanding than you. I became the world-sovereign earlier than you. I thought I had already suppressed you. How did you know that you have been suppressed? Catch up and frustrate me time and time again.\”Ling Zhantian did not say a word.Never mind, but why do you have better fate than me? Just because you have friendship with the four so-called holy beasts? So they let you enter the deepest part of this place to understand the ancient ways? Am I not worthy? Can\’t? I\’m unwilling, obviously my aptitude and understanding are higher than yours, why have you overpowered me so many times? Why? I\’m not convinced… Yue Shan raised his head and roared, venting the unwillingness in his heart.Why? Because your disposition is too narrow, because you can\’t tolerate others stronger than you, and what you do is just cocooning yourself for yourself. Ling Zhantian sighed deeply and glanced at Yue. Slapped, \”You have to pay for everything you do.\”Even if you kill me, you will not survive. The master will not let you off easily. You must die, and your grandson is the same. He will not survive… Yue Shan realized that there was no doubt that he would die, and the whole person became crazy. , I instilled all my strength, and shot towards Ling Zhantian.Facing the Third World Venerable Yue Fan\’s full blow, Ling Zhantian only stretched out one finger, a little empty.Bang!The power from the killing was ignited on the spot, and Yue Shan\’s body suddenly burst into pieces, and the flames that emerged out of thin air turned his shattered body into flying ashes.Seeing the flying ash rising up, Ling Zhantian sighed deeply, and then his body trembled slightly. The original solid body of the god became erratic, and the four gods\’ powers constantly resisted the other. There was a fight between them.Immediately falling back to the ground, Ling Zhantian slowly placed Shanghai on the ground, and then sat cross-legged to the side, suppressing the four powers of the gods.


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