\”It\’s nothing. Alchemists usually give part to their customers, and it\’s natural for the rest to stay.\” looking at Jane Xi, she rarely showed such a playful look. Qi Jiexing strangely felt that she was also in an excellent mood.

What is this kid doing? Isn\’t it possible to keep shaking away those Primordial savages?If you can\’t hold it, why force it.The twelve sub-temple masters stared at the last level, some of them were confused, while others were disdainful, and some snorted. Although the test is not limited to time, Shanghai is constantly shaking away the ancient barbarians. , And seeing that he still looks like he has extra energy, if he continues, I don\’t know how long he will have to wait.And from beginning to end, Shanghai didn\’t even kill a single Primordial Barbarian, but kept shaking away the Primordial Barbarian, giving the impression that the power was enough to shake the Primordial Barbarian away, but it was impossible to kill it at all.Deacon Huang can\’t help but frown, but the three of them passed the Level 2 test before, and when they are in a good mood, they didn\’t pursue it too much. Anyway, it\’s just a matter of waiting. He estimated that the kid at the last level might be What special exercises are being practiced by the Primordial Barbarians.Huh, the fight between the trapped beasts. Feng refused coldly snorted. In his opinion, Shanghai was just wasting his strength for nothing. He didn\’t care anyway. Keep waiting. When Shanghai\’s power is exhausted, he will be inevitably Forced to withdraw from this test.An hour has passed!The atmosphere in the inner hall became weird.The twelve sub-temple powerhouses became more dissatisfied, because the last level had already delayed them for nearly an hour. Originally, they planned to wait for the three who passed the test. As a result, both sides waited for an hour in vain.Although the three who passed the test have just passed the test, they have too much potential. They may become high-level figures in the Temple of Heaven. If they are waiting for an hour today, they think it is the branch of the temple deliberately making things difficult. Their words may affect the future of the twelve sub-temple powerhouses in the future.Deacon Huang\’s expression also changed.The wind didn’t allow the wind to twitch his cheeks slightly. At this moment, he is no longer as calm as he was at the beginning, because Shanghai has already insisted on an hour. In the eyes of others, insisting on an hour is nothing, but you must know that he is facing it. One hundred thousand primitive barbarians.Although there are at most hundreds of Primordial Barbarians who besie Shanghai every time, there is no chance for the outer ones to attack, but if you look carefully, every time the Primordial Barbarians who are shaken away will be squeezed to the back, those who surround Shanghai have not been shaken away. of.The more I look at it, the more disturbed the wind is.From the beginning to the end, Shanghai\’s expression remained the same, and he did not show the slightest exhaustion. This kind of sustained combat power is really shocking.Two hours passed…Deacon Huang was also a little unable to sit still. The original look of uncertainty has been replaced by surprise, because the performance of Shanghai on the last level is too amazing. For two hours, facing a hundred thousand primordial savages, they continuously retreated. , And it can be maintained in good condition, just this performance is quite amazing.The twelve sub-temple powerhouses also waited to lose their temper, so they didn\’t say anything at all, staring numbly, just wait anyway.Feng\’s face became more and more ugly, because the sense of anxiety became stronger and stronger, but he couldn\’t tell why he was upset, and although this Xianhuazhu could see Shanghai shot, he couldn\’t see exactly what he wanted. What to do.This kid…what do you want to do… Feng Fang\’s heart was a little flustered. At first, he felt that it was useless for Shanghai to shake off those ancient savages, but as time went on, the more he looked at it, the more he felt something was wrong. It wasn\’t that Shanghai was wrong. , Are those Primordial Barbarians.


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