For a long time, I heard Hua linger\’s clear and delicate voice: \”Jane Xi, she is still a matrix mage, which is unbelievable.\”.

Yes, it\’s a senior…Gu Yu nodded, and then said solemnly: \”When the senior came, my whole body was completely frozen, I couldn\’t move a bit, and it was extremely difficult to even take a breath…\”What does that senior look like? Shanghai asked.I can’t remember exactly what it looked like, and I lost my memory at the time. Fortunately, I carried a treasure in the sect, named Lu Tianjing, which can record some things. The lord asked me to take it with me. Later, after I opened it, I realized that there was such a thing… Gu Yu\’s face was a little pale.Obviously, his original memory had been erased without noticing it, and these other methods made him feel palpitated just in retrospect, even Gu Xuanzong\’s suzerain, Gu Tianya, might not be able to do this.Open me and take a look. Shanghai said.Um!With a move of Gu Yu\’s eyebrows, a special crystal the size of a thumb emerged, and then a pair of images were transformed by spiritual consciousness. Only a sturdy old man in a brocade and jade robe appeared. The majesty of the person\’s face, the appearance of not anger and prestige, just standing there, like an unattainable peak.Can\’t see through…Shanghai\’s pupils shrank slightly. With his spiritual thoughts and perceptions, he could not see through the realm of the old man. I am afraid that the realm of the old man is above the god general, and this old man is quite unfamiliar, and he can\’t see him in the end. Who is it?It can be said that he has never seen it before, is it a friend of the Nantian boss?However, judging from the picture, the old man did not show any signs of malice or action against Sen Luo. From the beginning to the end, he seemed to be persuasive, even a little bit hesitating to surrender his status. Shanghai is rather strange.It\’s a pity that they can\’t hear the conversation clearly, and Gu Yu\’s memory has also been erased, and he can only understand the previous situation from above.Senior, can you deny that this senior is? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking Dugu Sanming.This person? I haven\’t seen it, but from this picture, I am afraid that this person\’s strength is not only at the level of the god general…maybe it is a high-level god general… Dugu Sanming took a deep breath and said: \” High-level gods are basically in the middle level days, and rarely come to the lower sky. Looking at these pictures, is it because the high-level gods are preparing to accept this kid as a disciple?\”Accept disciples? Shanghai was startled.It is possible that although high-level gods will rarely appear in the lower heavens of the gods, they will occasionally appear once or twice. Generally, they will either come to find materials, or find people from the mantle, or have other purposes. NS.Dugu Sanming said: \”Look at your friend, if this high-ranking god will take a fancy to it, then it will be his blessing.\”God\’s Domain Middle Sky…Shanghai still has some worries, but at this point, he can\’t stop it. He just hopes that Sun Luo will be taken as a disciple, just like Dugu Sanming guessed. If this is the case, there will be a chance to meet again in the middle of the sky in the future. .


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