It must have been done by shangguanbo. Otherwise, it would never have been such a result. The six elders of the party went back to Yan\’s house with a murmur.

Some showed meaningful colors, some did not hide the coldness in their eyes, and some looked at the two indifferently, the atmosphere was obviously something wrong.Chapter 1369 Resolve the SpearheadThe maids who sensed something was wrong, slowly retreated. Although the speed of retreating was not hurried, there was still a trace of inexplicable panic in their expressions.Bi Yuelan also noticed that the atmosphere was not quite right, and immediately leaned to the side of Shanghai.Friends of Dao! If you are just now, can you think about swapping out that bronze string? A strong man said bluntly, looking at the Shanghai two with indifferent eyes.I said, there will be no exchange. Shanghai said in a deep voice.What can I change? This thing is mine. Take your fragrant cardamom and return the bronze string to me. Let it go.The strong man who had previously exchanged it immediately jumped out, \”This thing is what my grandfather got. If you let him know that I\’m not having a good time, don\’t think about it.\”Daoyou Ling is right. This thing is what Lingshen King got, not something in his hand. Return the bronze strings to him. Then, if you make a mistake in advance, Friends Lingdao will pay you some more treasures. It\’s compensation, I don\’t know what this fellow Daoist thinks?A man in a purple robe stood up, looking like an old man, and said through the sound transmission: \”The Lingshen King is one of the supreme gods. It’s also difficult to get this thing together. It’s better to exchange for a few more treasures than to provoke trouble.\”What Xiao Daoyou said is reasonable, Ling Daoyou mistakenly exchanged things from Lingshen King, I should also be considerate.Since it was taken by mistake, fellow Daoist should return it. \”The rest of the powerhouses also said one after another.One by one, the strong came out, although they did not give out any aura, but the gaze made people feel trembling.The focus of so many eyes made Bi Yuelan worry, but could not help being angry, especially after hearing the man surnamed Ling and the others turn black and white, she became pale with anger. She has seen shameless but never seen one. It was so shameless, it was obviously just exchanged deliberately, and now it is said that it was changed by mistake, that\’s all, there will be someone helping this man surnamed Ling.Indignant and angry, Bi Yuelan is most worried about Shanghai, under the pressure of so many people, and each of these people has a very deep identity and background. The man surnamed Ling just now is the descendant of the Lingshen King, and the rest. Bi Yuelan didn\’t know, but she had met Lingshen King once.I visited the Temple of Qiantian in the past, and even the three elders and the chief deacon of the main hall bowed to greet each other. At that time, she went to see him with the lord of the Qingyin Palace Ji Ya, and later learned from the lord Ji Ya that Lingshen In the middle of the heavens of God\’s Domain in the past year, Wang was a well-known top god king, and his strength was extremely terrifying.Among the gods, there are few who can have a chance to win the quasi-sage emperor, and for the Lingshen King, Ji Ya has reported the gift of the younger generation. It can be seen how terrifying the Lingshen King’s ability is. How high is the status of the middle sky?Although she was a little bit reluctant to let go of the God of Destruction String, compared to Shanghai, she had encountered greater trouble. Bi Yuelan\’s silver teeth bit her slightly, and her mind moved to transform the God of Destruction String into her body.At this time!A thick palm suddenly held her bright wrist, Bi Yuelan was taken aback, stopped, and cast her eyes on Shanghai.


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