The alchemists from level 1 to level 3 are only ordinary alchemists, while the alchemists from level 4 to level 6 are called alchemists, and the alchemists from level 7 to level 9 are called alchemists. The title of this level is almost the same as that of array mages. This time, Liu Shengtao is specially responsible for selecting and allocating excellent talents for the guild in the alchemists\’ meeting, so he can arrive in Tonghua city so long in advance, It\’s also because a close friend Hongye met here. He also waited here early and had a good chat with this old friend he hadn\’t seen for at least 20 years. Who wants to catch up with such a thing on the first day today.

This is only a mere eighth, but with such a speed, it seems that he is underestimated.This kid has a close relationship with the ancient body. He must be caught. Only in this way can the ancient body appear automatically. The ancient body… It is said that the body contains the essence of the laws of heaven and earth. It\’s a bit.A group of human shadows appeared in the void, and the vastness of the power made the surroundings appear distorted. All kinds of rays of light followed the black rays of light, and they were the strong ones hiding in the depths. Among these people were Young and old, every one of them is filled with a palpitating breath.Be careful behind. The purple fox reminded solemnly.A lot of power auras surged behind her, and several of them made her feel quite dangerous. Those who can make her feel that way are at least the figures above the level of the quasi-god emperor, and compared to the Yan Zun they encountered before. Much stronger.suddenly!Eight figures appeared on the left and right sides, all of which were at the ultimate level of gods, and even half of their feet had entered the stage of the quasi god emperor.Don\’t stop, these eight people are arranged to stop us. Once blocked, the guy behind will take the opportunity to catch up. Zihu said quickly. She couldn\’t make a move at this moment. Naturally, she was helping Shanghai observe the surrounding area. She had already sensed that the danger brought by the rear was getting stronger and stronger. This feeling appeared, indicating that the strength of the person was more terrifying than imagined.Who the hell is…Zihu couldn\’t guess for the time being, but she knew that once Shanghai was trapped, it would be troublesome.Shanghai\’s perception is extremely strong, and he can naturally feel the danger behind him. Looking at the eight figures blocking the front, his pupils suddenly burst out with two black lights, and the big handprints are under them.Suddenly, the eight powers of the limit of gods have undergone weird changes, and golden lines appeared on them. These lines are intertwined to form a heart-pounding pattern, and a set of golden armor covers them. Around his body, his legs disappeared, replaced by the dragon\’s tail.The big hand that was printed hit the eight powers of the limit of the gods, and all the power was completely absorbed by them.Ancient gods… Shanghai\’s expression changed slightly.The ancient gods are a unique race. They have special incarnations of gods, which are fundamentally different from the realm of gods transformed by the human race. Although the gods transformed by the human race are also gods, they are only based on the ancient gods in the ancient times. Created another way to a stronger realm.The gods of the human race are only a realm, but the ancient gods possess many wonderful methods.The eight ancient gods couldn\’t be shaken, Shanghai\’s pupils shrank slightly, and the purple fox immediately realized something, and immediately got out of his arms.boom……The black streamer flew from under his feet and entangled Shanghai. His pupils became more and more black. The power of the ancient demon filled his body. Under the constant instillation of a wave of power, his body exuded a special Breath of strength.The eight ancient gods looked at Shanghai in front of them, and their faces changed slightly. Although Shanghai\’s appearance had not changed, the aura that radiated from it became more strange and terrifying, and they felt that Shanghai\’s body was constantly accumulating power.


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