\”Yes, I just left. It was personally sent away by the vice president of Dan Shigong Association. As for where to go, it should be to Qufeng city.\” no one was raised. He replied with some trembling. The owner\’s authority and aura frightened him.

You can stick to ten moves…I only have eight moves…This ancient God Emperor Yu\’s first opponent is so terrible, who can defeat him? Doesn\’t it mean that he could not pass the test of this first bronze colossus?There is no need to defeat, as long as you resist a hundred moves, you can go to the next bronze colossus.Chapter 1420 Emperor SkillHundred strokes? Let alone a hundred strokes. Even if there are 20 strokes, it will be difficult for me to pass. A strong said difficultly.Isn\’t it missed the inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu? Another strong man sighed.It depends on the individual\’s ability. You find it difficult, but for others, it is easy. Didn\’t you see it? Our heir to the Eternal Palace, His Royal Highness Taiyi, just stood for two breaths, and he has already reached the next bronze A colossus. A strong man from the Eternal Palace said, his words were full of pride.Two breaths…More than two breaths, His Royal Highness Taiyi has already reached the 63rd bronze colossus. The strong man from the Eternal Palace continued.Hearing this, the people present couldn\’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning.The 63rd bronze colossus, this has already taken most of the road of the god emperor, for many powerful people, let alone go so far, even the sixth is extremely extravagant, because many powerful people have already I tried it, and it was extremely difficult even to pass the first seat, otherwise they would still be standing here.If you get through the 99th seat, wouldn\’t it be possible to directly obtain the inheritance of the god emperor? a strong man trembled.If you can get through the ninety-ninth seat, why don\’t you need to obtain the inheritance of the god emperor, you will definitely be able to become the god emperor in the future. These bronze colossus are the opponents of the ancient god emperor Yu\’s life experience, although they are the ancient god emperor. Yu was refined with the power of the Emperor Tongtian, and each of them contained the abilities of those who were comparable to the emperor of the past. If you can penetrate all of them, it is enough to prove that you have the potential to become the emperor. Another The strong man said.Get all through… Forget it… I\’m afraid no one can break through all of them, even the heirs of the Four Great Palaces and the strong of the ancient heritage are the same.Well, you are right. Although the heirs of the Four Great Palaces have superb qualifications and extremely terrifying strength, except for the first god emperor, no one has become a god emperor since the ancient times. To put it bluntly, heirs of the Four Great Palaces The four young kings inherited from Taikoo are just relying on the forces behind them. They may eventually become top powerhouses, or even first-class figures of gods, but they cannot become gods. Perhaps, becoming a quasi gods There is still a glimmer of opportunity.That\’s right, since ancient times, no one who has become a god emperor was born in those superpowers that have been passed down for a long time. Many powerhouses nodded slightly, even the Four Great Emperor Palaces and the ancient powerhouses. Many people agree.Although this is a bit rebellious, the strong people present are all top figures among their peers. They are temporarily subordinate to others, but who can be sure that they can\’t come from behind? Therefore, these powerhouses still have competing ideas for the successors of the Four Great Palaces and the four young kings of Taigu.puff……There was a sound of spurting blood, and the black-clothed man on the right squirted out a big mouthful of blood. The turbulent supreme aura suddenly dissipated a lot, and the whole body trembled, and the whole person was shaken back and separated. The scope of the bronze colossus.Failed……


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