\”You don\’t have to get up, just rest for a few days,\” said Grandpa Bai in the mouth of little Siyu with a smile. Has picked up Xiao Siyu, looked at Jane Xi with a smile and said.

With his eyes narrowed, Shanghai shot directly, and the Thunder God Spear shot through, and the emperor pattern on the tip of the spear derives a stronger power.Thunder Emperor Pattern… in the ringSuddenly there was a sound of astonishment.Apparatus spirit…Shanghai was stunned. Obviously, the sound in the ring was made by the spirit of the instrument. I didn\’t expect that the spirit of the instrument already existed in the ring, and it was also integrated with the ring, but it was nothing to him, anyway. This ring must be taken down.Dealing with Qi Ling is very difficult for the rest of the people, but for Shanghai, it is not difficult, because his divine mind has far surpassed the god king, even comparable to the gods, and he immediately turned out to fight. Into the ring.Divine Mind… Qi Ling exclaimed.Bang!The ring trembled slightly.not enough!Shanghai knew that the spirit was not so easy to solve, and immediately urged the divine mind. As for the thunder spear, it restrained the ring and prevented it from running away. Under the double impact, although it was a secondary imperial weapon, Without the power of the strong to guide, the power emitted by the body will not be too strong.Even so, it still caused a lot of trouble to Shanghai. Under the shock of Emperor Wei, his body was also cracked, but he had the ancient demon regenerate, he recovered directly, and then continued to shoot.This imperial weapon is really difficult. If I hadn\’t had the Thunder Spear, I\’m afraid I wouldn\’t have the slightest solution to it… Shanghai Xin said.The rest of the treasures, even super-first-class artifacts, can only withstand a moment. Under the collision of the secondary emperor artifacts, they will eventually be destroyed, because neither quality nor material can be compared, unless it is a quasi-shen. The imperial weapon can be resisted.As for the artifacts below the super first-grade artifact, if you take out one, you will burst one, so Shanghai has not considered taking out those treasures to waste.Five hours have passed!The ring is still resisting. The spirit of the inside is somewhat beyond Shanghai\’s expectations. At this moment, he is also a bit tired. The main reason is that the divine consciousness has been consumed too much. Nearly 70% of the divine consciousness has been consumed. If you have the magic of the nine deaths and reach the seventh death, you will be exhausted long ago.Enough, don\’t come again, or I will destroy this thing. Qi Ling yelled.You can try it.Shanghai is not afraid of the threat of this spirit. The ring is the body of the spirit. If the ring is destroyed, the spirit will inevitably dissipate. This is tantamount to suicide. A big certainty can be suppressed.


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