Hearing Jane Xi\’s cry, Zhang Rong turned and looked at Jane Xi in confusion. I don\’t know why Jane Xi stopped him at this time. I\’ve told her about the general situation in Tonghua City in detail. Do you have any questions to ask?

As for who the ancestors are, no one knows, there is only one name-Gu.It is the existence of this ancestor that has allowed the three thousand tribes to prosper since the ancient times, and have not yet declined. The sacrificial ceremony held every million years is for this ancestor, and at this moment, it is the most sacred. Yes, any blasphemer will surely be killed by the three thousand tribes.Shanghai also knows the legend of the ancient capital. As mentioned in the second half of the inheritance of God Emperor Cangxuan, this place is a place that even the God Emperor can’t understand, and the rituals of the three thousand great clans are also very special. , Even if the god emperor was present, he would not interrupt at will, that would bring uncertainty.Tens of thousands of barefoot women are strictly selected. They must be virgins, and then cannot touch any man in their lifetime. In addition, these women have to reach the peak of the gods, so 10,000 must be selected. It is not easy to be such a woman.Before the sacrificial ceremony, the women had to soak in the jade pond to wash away all the plumes, and there must be no dirt on their bodies, otherwise it would affect the sacrificial ceremony.now!Even Helian and others who were on the upper level, all looked solemn.Pieces of unique sacrifices were placed in the top altar. Shanghai was surprised to find that after being put in, these sacrifices disappeared completely. Even with his perception, he could not detect these sacrifices. Nowhere, it doesn\’t seem to be swallowed, and it doesn\’t seem to be teleported away, just so inexplicably missing.When the last sacrifice fell in, the ancient altar suddenly trembled.The ancient altar is a sign…Is it a blessing from the ancestors?呲…The radiant light condenses on the ancient altar, and the vast and eternal breath permeates out, filling the entire ancient capital, like an endless sky, giving people a sense of incomparably vastness, that feeling, even if it is a god An inexplicable sense of powerlessness was born.suddenly!The ten thousand zhang ray of light on the ancient altar disappeared, as if it had never appeared before, but it left a special mark. This mark showed nine-color luster, and its inside was like an endless sky, which made people see at first sight. I can\’t help but feel deeply attracted by it.Zu Yin…At this moment, even Helian and the others couldn\’t help being moved. They stood up immediately, staring at the nine-color mark on the altar. The older generation of strong men was full of excitement and excitement. The strong are all excited about it.Others don’t know the ancestral seal, but the three thousand great clans know that it is an extremely rare thing. It appeared twice in the Primordial Era. Each time it appears, it indicates that the three thousand great clans’ prosperity is about to come. Of course this is Secondly, the key is the winner of the ancestral seal.The first two ancestral seal winners have become the co-lords of the three thousand great clans. Does this appearance mean that the co-lords of the three thousand great clans are about to be born? If this is the case, then the three thousand great clans will be unified again…Except for the appearance of the ancestral seal, everyone is concerned about who will be the winner of the ancestral seal this time? Everyone originally cared about who would become the remaining three young primordial kings. Now the strong ones present have no idea about these. Let alone the three young primordial kings, even one hundred, one thousand can not be imprinted with the ancestors. On par.


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