These are just the chance meetings. They evolved from the magic weapon \”Golden Lotus space\” in the beginning. At that time, Golden Lotus space was just a magic weapon, but today\’s situation of cherishing fate is already the rudiment of a simple small world. Jianxi is very proud of it.

Shanghai has a deep understanding of the horror of mystery. He has always been useless, because this thing is his own assassin, and he will not use it until the critical moment. I originally thought that there is no such mystery in this world. I was angry, I didn\’t expect that there would be in this source, and it reached the size of a fist.This mysterious air was swept towards the valley, and Shanghai took a breath of air-conditioning. If you let it fall into the valley, your relatives and friends might fall here. He knows this mysterious air too well. It\’s terrible, just a wisp of power is amazing, now it\’s as big as a fist.The mysterious air swept extremely fast, and it was too late to disperse the clansmen in the valley. Shanghai took a deep breath, and beside him, he had his grandfather and eldest brother. Waiting for others, as well as his own woman, he didn\’t want to endure the experience of losing a loved one again.Seeing the mysterious qi coming from Shanghai, Shanghai\’s heart moved, the mysterious qi in his body surged, his feet slammed on him, and with his tyrannical physique, he jumped to a height of ten feet.Haoer…Hao…Big Brother (Big Brother)… Everyone was shocked. They had never expected Shanghai to make such a move before.Punch!Straightly punched out, exactly in the direction that the mysterious gas was shot from. Just after it was punched, the mysterious gas appeared between the fists. The mysterious gas that was originally going to bypass Shanghai, unexpectedly Suddenly turned back and hit Shanghai\’s fist.Haoer… Lingzhan Tianhu glared, his eyes cracking. Although he didn\’t know what it was, he didn\’t even dare to confront the three ancient starry beasts. It must be a terrifying thing. Things that can fly by must not be able to withstand ordinary people.However, in the next scene, everyone was stunned. The mysterious aura passed through Shanghai\’s fist and was sucked into his body by him. At the same time, a strand of mysterious aura rose from the surface of Shanghai. , Surrounded by his body, the shape of the original falling figure, actually stabilized at a height of three feet.Shanghai was full of shock. He originally wanted to vent these mysterious auras, but he did not expect that instead of causing any harm to him, it merged into his body, but it was different from the original mysterious auras. This mysterious air just didn\’t hurt himself, and was not controlled by him.What the hell is this?Shanghai’s heart is full of puzzlement. Originally, the wisp was left by his mother, but it grew a little unexpectedly. He didn’t know what this mysterious atmosphere was. Now he has absorbed a bunch of it, and he doesn’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, but at present Judging from it, it seems to be a good thing, he can take advantage of this mysterious air to vacate.In the outside world, as long as a cultivator reaches the realm of the spirit king, he can basically fly in the air. It is extremely sparse and ordinary, but in this source area, it is rare in the world. Everyone\’s power and realm cultivation are gone. Now, everything can only rely on strength.Although Shanghai\’s own physique is strong, this place has suppressed the blood of the ancient demon. His physique only surpassed the people present. Compared with the patriarchs of the three major clans, it is still a lot worse. Now he has this mysterious atmosphere. After being able to vacate, there is one more killer feature.It seems that the mysterious gas has been absorbed by Shanghai, and the three ancient starry beasts stopped in the valley. The old and weak women and children of the spirits and gods are still hiding in the corner, looking at the three ancient starry beasts tremblingly. .Lan Yanyun began to communicate with the three ancient star beasts under the instruction of Shanghai.They said, you can subdue that terrible guy, it\’s really powerful, but there are still such terrible guys, so let you be careful too. Lan Yanyun said.Also? Thank them for me.


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