Just as the old lady was impatient and ready to get angry, there was a knock on the door outside.

Yeah! Shanghai replied.Xiandi had already ran over, and quickly rushed to the vicinity of the ancient temple. I don’t know what he said to the guards of the fairy palace. The guards of the fairy palace who were guarded dispersed one after another, and flew towards the surroundings, and began to proceed. Intensive search.Come here quickly. Xiandi beckoned to the direction where the two of Shanghai were hiding.Shanghai took Mu Ningxue and swept in the direction of Xiandi.Quickly go in, or you will be in trouble waiting for those fairy palace guards to come back. Xiandi said anxiously.How did you distract those fairy palace guards? Shanghai frowned.It\’s very simple. These Immortal Palace guards are refined by the Immortal Emperor. They will not be conscious and can only act by instinct. I forgot to tell you. Actually, I am also a member of the Immortal Palace guards, the fellow Immortal Emperor. Thinking of the old love, gave me the identity of Wei Wei. Xiandi said in a deep voice.Well then, you lead the way. Shanghai said.Come with me. Xiandi led the way.Along the way, when you encounter a guardian from the fairy palace, Xiandi will send you away, and the two of Shanghai will follow closely behind. Occasionally there will be some accidents, even almost being noticed, but they are all avoided by the three people in Shanghai without any danger. As the depths, the guards of the fairy palace gradually decrease, but the strength is getting stronger and stronger.Shanghai doesn’t know about the fairy palace, but his perception is searching. This area of ​​the ancient temple is not small, about a million miles, and the deeper it goes, the older the ancient temple inside contains immortal patterns. It\’s getting thicker.Where are my parents? Shanghai asked.I don\’t know for the time being, my people may know.Aren\’t all your people dead?They just fell asleep and didn\’t die.Xiandi corrected: \”Their consciousness still exists, but they can\’t wake up, but they are all aware of what happened in the fairy palace.\”Well, I hope you don\’t lie to me. Shanghai said solemnly.I don\’t need to lie to you.Xiandi snorted, and then said: \”We are almost at the palace of the emperor, wait for you to be careful.\”Um!


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