Li Siyu lied casually, my classmate mailed me something. I\’ll get it.

Let you sleep, you sleep, and then for me when you wake up. Where is so much nonsense? the middle-aged man spoke in a harsh voice. \”Well, I\’ll sleep first and wake up for you.\” the young man was helpless and obediently rested first. Jane Xi\’s footsteps have been at the slowest for a while. Sometimes she stops to tie her shoelaces. Then she stops and looks around for a while and listens to them. It seems that the two people in the car are policemen or partners of unity and fraternity. They always bring new ones. Their topic makes Jane Xi feel some interest. It\’s not that she\’s excited about the crime, but that J city has not been a closed city at night, but too vicious cases have not happened for a long time. I didn\’t expect so many things to happen in places I didn\’t know. The missing and killed people were young people, and the death of the victim should be terrible, otherwise it would not be unbearable for the senior police and forensic doctors that year, and it should all happen at night. Thinking of being in this city, I couldn\’t help paying attention to it, and decided to go to school and tell Xinyu them not to go out at night. Although Xinyu also began to practice, Jian Xi didn\’t know her combat effectiveness at this stage. She was still a rookie. She was a little hazy about her strength. She didn\’t know how to define and compare. She was just practicing step by step. She didn\’t think about herself. What she didn\’t trust most was Xinyu. Soon we arrived at the school gate. At the gate, there were many junior middle school students wearing the same school uniform. They were either silent, chatting with their classmates, or just got off their parents\’ car. They all gathered into a flood flowing to the school gate. Jane pity that it was a drop of water in the flood that entered the school building along the flow of people. In the eyes of all the boys, Jane Xi calmly sat back to her seat. If the man hasn\’t come yet, Xin Yu is tidying up his schoolbag and taking books out. It seems that he has just arrived. He sees Jane Xi coming. After she sits down, Xin Yu turns his head and lies down on Jane Xi\’s desk. With a look in his eyes and an action, Jane Xi already knows that he has something to say to himself. He also leaned forward, leaned over his head, looked at Xinyu, motioned him and said in a low voice, \”I\’ll tell you good news, I\’m advanced.\” then he turned around with a proud smile. Jane Xi suddenly understood that the simple gathering array should have played a role. Xinyu finally passed the first small ridge and advanced to the second floor of Qi practice. She felt happy for him from the bottom of her heart and climbed up her cheek unconsciously with a smile. But I didn\’t think about it. Although the parties didn\’t feel much about their little interaction, it had a great impact on the boys and girls who paid close attention to them. \”That intimate behavior and tacit little moves\” made a group of boys and girls envy, envy and hate—— The air in the classroom is full of sour smell. If this is the case when a man enters the classroom, he always feels a little different, but he doesn\’t know what the problem is. Wang Xinwei sat there with his head down and a bad smile Liu Tianhao is still at the school gate—— Episode 51 what she said is true? Youyou is very uncomfortable today. It\’s difficult to walk. Almost all of you are in bed. This chapter is about youyou lying half on the ground and under the yard on the bed. It\’s hard to say, dear parents, can you support Youyou, put in your redundant recommendation tickets and give a pertinent evaluation? Youyou, thank you first After school, the five people were talking and laughing together and walking towards the school gate. At this time, a clear voice came: \”brother Xinyu – brother Xinyu -\” and Xinyu took back his smile. As soon as he heard this voice, he had a headache and bothered every day. It is already a well-known thing in Guangfu middle school. The little girl seems to have a lot of energy. Most of the girls who show their kindness to Xinyu will be warned by the little girl to varying degrees. On the one hand, it makes Xinyu quiet, but it\’s enough to be bothered by her. What\’s more, she also wantonly scattered rumors about Jianxi and Ruo man, which makes him especially unhappy. This person is Liu Yu, the second day of junior high school. The crowd also heard the cry and looked at Xinyu unkindly, which made Xinyu depressed, while Jian Xi frowned gently. She didn\’t like the girl. Not only did she keep pestering Xinyu, but also because she didn\’t choose means and hurt others to achieve her goal when there was no factual basis. Such a person would better stay away from Xinyu, Otherwise, Xinyu\’s character of not liking intrigue may suffer. Liu Yu, with short curly hair and like a doll, came to Xinyu in spring with powdered noodles, glanced at others without trace, then pulled Xinyu\’s sleeve and said, \”brother Xinyu, come with me, I\’ll tell you a very important thing\”, and then took him away.


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