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Uncle Qingya, where are we going to study here? Xin Wei asked curiously. \”There are schools in the family in all grades, all of which are excellent teachers and professors in the secular world. After each of them has achieved success outside, they have to teach in the family for three years, then study in the secular world for three years, and then return to the family to work. This is their mission. The family will not only cultivate military men with only force value, but no Wufu with high IQ is just a thug no matter how high his accomplishments are. This is not what the Fang family needs. Their knowledge should be comprehensive. After they advance, their brain domain has been developed three times that of ordinary people. If they advance, it is six times that of ordinary people. They are quite smart, so learning knowledge is not difficult for them, and the teachers in the family The fields involved are very comprehensive. As long as you are interested in what knowledge you want to learn, the family will meet you. As for the college entrance examination, the people in the family are pediatrics. Don\’t worry about this. \”Fang Qingya\’s words let several high school students relax and come to Fang\’s house without delaying their studies, This is the family\’s greatest expectation of themselves, so they are very concerned about this. Walking all the way, there are countless beautiful scenery and fresh air on the road. People talk all the way. In particular, several young men and girls ask a series of questions curiously. Fang Qingya also chooses what he can say as much as possible. \”Uncle Qingya, you\’re really patient. Hehe, you\’re not bothered when we ask you so. Does your child also make you train very well?\” Xin Yu asked Fang Qingya with a smile. \”Fang Ailong of your uncle Qingya\’s family, this boy is the best genius of the Fang family so far. He is only 20 years old and has four levels of innate cultivation. He has caught up with your uncle Qingya. Your uncle Qingya has only four levels of innate cultivation.\” Fang Qingbai said. \”Ah? Qing ya, you are blessed!\” grandma Qu also interrupted with a smile. \”Where, where, that smelly boy has a stronger talent for martial arts and is too arrogant. I hope he should fall a few big somersaults so that he can know that there are people outside and there are days outside the world, so as to save his tail from turning into the sky every day,\” Fang Qingya said with a bitter smile. \”Is your son still at school?\” Yuan\’s mother asked curiously. \”Yes, I go to school, but I\’m abroad. No, I\’m back from vacation,\” Fang Qingya replied. \”What school and major are you studying abroad?\” Yuan Ma then asked, and a group of children were waiting for Fang Qingya\’s answer. \”I\’m a graduate student at Stanford University in the United States. I just finished my doctoral degree. I started my doctoral degree next semester. I studied enterprise management. The boy said that it was one of the best schools in the world to study this major, so he got there. All the graduate students at the age of 16 and 20 have finished their studies. Otherwise, he is the best genius of the Fang family, not just the best at ancient martial arts, Learning is also the best and fastest, \”Fang Qingbai said. \”He\’s proud and proud! He\’s really excellent,\” Yuan Ma nodded. \”No, Xinyu, we should also learn from him. I thought I was already excellent. Unexpectedly, compared with Fang Ailong, we are not scum! No wonder people are proud. I have to be very proud!\” Xin Wei said helplessly with his fat hand on his forehead. \”Don\’t belittle yourself. As long as you work hard, we won\’t be worse than others,\” Jane smiled and comforted him. Chapter 158 Fang Hongyuan Finally, they came to the area with dense buildings. In the eyes of Ruo Nan and Xin Wei, they just passed through some simple and beautiful buildings and didn\’t see any powerful appearance. However, Jian Xi\’s divine consciousness saw through all the appearances and essence. Here are terrible organs arranged. If someone manipulates them, Seven or eight layers of experts want to enter unharmed, but they can\’t find anything on the surface. Fang Qingya tells Fang Qingbai to take three yuan family members, three Qu family members and seven Xin Wei to arrange their accommodation, while Fang Qingya alone takes Jian Xi to the Fang family hall. Standing in front of this simple, grand and solemn building, Jane Xi suddenly felt her smallness. The carved beams and painted buildings here are old and new. In front of her is only one of the buildings. Watching the white clouds flowing through the blue sky above the building, Jane Xi seemed to be in the light of a millennium. It was such generations of ancestors who met all kinds of people here, The Fang family thrives here, generation after generation. The years flow, whether plants or people, wither and flourish. It seems that there is a certain number. A mysterious atmosphere flows around Jianxi. Jianxi stands there motionless, looking at the buildings under the blue sky, and then slowly closes his eyes. People have entered another realm, Everything around seemed isolated from her. Among the hundreds of golden characters in the sea of knowledge, the first word \”Zhen\” suddenly brightened up and became bigger and bigger. Jian Xi never seemed to understand the meaning of this word as before. \”Disorderly voices are sincere and have no intention of reporting to each other. No self-conscious fruit is perfect, no action is natural, no struggle can reach the Lingtai net, no land to repay the kindness of the Buddha. It seems that one voice is constantly reciting it step by step. Every time I read it, Jane Xi understood it more. Finally, only those ethereal voices remained in her mind for a long time.


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