My sister-in-law will have to get married in two years. It\’s not cheap at that time?

Xi\’er! Grandpa borrowed your soul pearl this time and recovered so much. Now grandpa can take out a lot of treasures from the ring. Look what it is? while Jane Nan said this. A delicate jade box had appeared in his substantial palm. It\’s banned. The seal is very tight. \”This is\” Jane looked at Jane Nan Road inexplicably. \”Open it and have a look,\” said Jane Nan lovingly, looking at the confused Jane. In fact, the prohibition is very simple. It is just a small prohibition to simply prevent the spread of spiritual power. Jane Xi broke it when she waved in her hand and gently opened the box cover. A strong aura and fragrance came from the new year. \”This is\” Jane Xi was surprised to see a pale yellow, halo flowing and fragrant pill lying quietly in the box, and her eyes were surprised. Then he asked tentatively, \”is this a golden pill?\” \”This is a gold knot pill, which was refined by an old friend of mine in those years. I gave it to the old man and intended to leave it to future generations. I didn\’t think about it. It\’s been waiting for more than 1000 years, but it\’s still used by my future generations after all. Everything is God\’s will!\” Jian Nan was glad to have received the gold knot pill before. When she put away the pill at that time. Although the knot elixir is precious, there are many ways to obtain it with his cultivation. When an old friend gave him this elixir, he didn\’t pay special attention. If any younger generation faced a breakthrough, it\’s easy for him to buy it now or obtain it from an old friend. He didn\’t pay special attention to storing this elixir. He just threw it into the ring, but he didn\’t want to. Today, it has become the only golden pill in the world, which makes him sigh in his heart. \”My accomplishments are now in the foundation period. I thought it was impossible to break through on earth. I didn\’t expect to get grandpa\’s gold pill. It\’s really a timely help! Thank you, Grandpa. This pill is too precious.\” Jane Xi couldn\’t put down this pill, which is not much smaller than pigeon eggs. \”Well, don\’t look at it. Although the Reiki concentration in this lucky environment is OK, it\’s not enough for you to break through the golden elixir.\” Jane Nan looked around, but it\’s a pity. \”Then I\’ll go out and make a pill. Just now I\’m in the Kun garden. The aura in the Kun garden is much better than my lucky boundary, which should be enough for me to break through,\” Jian Xi replied. \”Well, good, but be careful. There are many monks here,\” Jane Nan agreed with a smile, but she was a little worried. \”Well, I will. I\’m going to find a place where I can\’t find a trace. There are many monks in Daiyu gate. It\’s really inappropriate,\” said Jane Xi. Then she flashed out of the land of cherishing fate and returned to her bedroom. In the mountains of Kunyuan, in a remote valley, Jian Xi gently landed in front of a cave in the half wall of the broken end and gently entered it. It should be a nest of birds, with a peculiar smell. There were no animals in it. She saw the feces on the ground, This should have been an abandoned nest. Jane Xi pinched a few tricks at will and played them out. In just a few seconds, the air in the cave was fresh, and a gust of wind rolled the dirty things out of the cave, and the inside was refreshing. Then a night Pearl was embedded into the wall of the cave, and the light brilliance fell on the cave, which was only more than 20 square meters, adding a trace of vitality. Several diagrams of the spirit gathering array were arranged. The already strong aura outside gathered in the cave. Jian Xi breathed greedily. Several times he gathered in the temporary cave under the spirit gathering array. Soon, the strong aura had reached the level of mist. Seeing that the timing was almost the same, Jian Nan had already escaped from the edge of Xi Yuan. He waved several array flags and fell around the cliff. He immediately isolated all the breath outside to cause unnecessary trouble. This array was refined by Jian Nan himself in his early years. Now he can take out the treasure from the ring without hesitation. Jian Xi wants to advance to the golden elixir, Of course, he will not be stingy with these flags. Protecting Jane is the first thing. The array refined by the great master Jiannan is of course many times stronger than that of Jianxi. At this time, everything in the outside world has not changed, but it perfectly hides Jianxi\’s cave, and its attack effect is more than that. However, it can\’t be seen at this time. It can only be seen when things happen. Jane Nan sat down cross legged, guarding the hole and guarding it quietly. Jian Xi was also happy to see Jian Nan\’s skill. With Grandpa\’s protection, she had a greater grasp of Jin rank golden elixir.


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