But the work should be made clear. After all, this is paid every month. There are not many people in the whole brigade who can go to the city.

Hehe, when I entered your cave, I smelled the fragrance of level 5 pill, which proves that you are not only a level 4 alchemist. According to the level of pill, you have reached the threshold of the middle of level 5, which is a little worse. You are only 23 or 14 years old, but you have reached such a level. Compared with Dan Yunzi, do you think I am a member of the Dan teachers guild , how could he be indifferent? Liu Shengtao could no longer hide his love in his eyes. \”Senior, you\’re too proud of the younger generation.\” Jane Xi can\’t say what it\’s like at this time. Anyway, she\’s not too happy. She never feels how difficult it is to refine her own elixir, and there\’s no obvious bottleneck. She just makes it step by step. If she\’s proficient, she will succeed, She has never realized the difficulties mentioned by Liu Shengtao, and she can\’t imagine the feeling that alchemy can\’t be improved. Why? Jane Xi\’s heart was churning because she thought of her own \”chaos formula\”, that magical skill. She had never had a real bottleneck in cultivation, alchemy and array. As long as she was diligent enough, she could make progress all the time. Even she couldn\’t figure out what was going on. Some things would happen naturally, After practicing chaos formula, she can only attribute the smoothness of the way to this magical skill, whether it is far fetched or not. She has never learned to refine weapons. If she wants to learn, it should be the same as alchemy and array, but she also knows that she can\’t chew too much. Besides, she really doesn\’t have any interest in refining weapons, so she doesn\’t want to learn to refine weapons, even if she is facing this level 8 master of refining weapons. Perhaps it was chaos formula that enabled her to achieve a height that others may not have reached in her life in such a short time, but she didn\’t compare and feel it. \”I don\’t think highly of you. Even in the advanced mainland, it\’s not easy to reach level 5 alchemist in our twenties with the resources of our Dan division association. It\’s still under the condition that we old guys are fully trained. However, I haven\’t seen your spiritual root qualification through my observation for a short time. I don\’t know if it\’s the old man\’s eyesight OK, your hidden skills are too powerful, and it\’s inconvenient for the girl to let my old man know, your teacher? \”Liu Shengtao is very curious about this. What kind of power can he teach such an excellent disciple. \”This –\” what did Jane Xi say? He said that he learned alchemy from an array master? Progress depends only on one book? Who believes it? Just like a joke often said on the earth: your Chinese is taught by a math teacher and your math is taught by an English teacher. It\’s obviously a joke. Who believes it? But this is a fact. Jane Xi, who is not used to lying, chose silence. \”Hahaha, it\’s inconvenient. Although I\’m curious, the old man didn\’t want to find out. No matter who you learn from, you have passed the examination and certification of our Dan teachers\’ Association. You\’re a member of the Dan teachers\’ Association. You should have heard of some of them under the protection of the Dan teachers\’ Association.\” Liu Shengtao didn\’t ask when he saw that Jian Xi didn\’t want to say who you learn from, It was very refreshing to bypass the topic and move on. \”What?\” asked Jane Xi curiously. At the same time, she looked down at the little Siyu in her arms. At this time, Siyu was too young to withstand sleepiness. The eyes she tried to open closed slowly and fell asleep on her. Therefore, Jane Xi\’s voice was much softer, and a layer of sound insulation was covered on him, because Liu Shengtao\’s voice was too loud, She was afraid of disturbing Siyu. When Liu Shengtao saw Jian Xi\’s practice, his old face turned slightly red, but he immediately returned to normal, but his voice was much lighter. Even if the sound insulation prohibition had been put in place, his voice would no longer affect the five-year-old child. \”Cough, cough, in fact, alchemists certified by the Dan teachers\’ guild can get some corresponding benefits because of their different levels. For example, they can buy various kinds of elixir materials with different preferential proportions in the shops or auction houses subordinate to the Dan teachers\’ guild, and they can get different amounts of points by selling Dan medicine to the Dan teachers\’ Guild. With the points, they can buy Dan teachers The guild\’s marketable danfang, spiritual materials, etc. The Danshi guild will also hold Danshi conferences from time to time to select some excellent alchemists to participate in the trials of some secret places or ancient caves. Of course, there are other random benefits. In short, the alchemists of the Danshi guild are not only an honor and some external conveniences, but also many kinds of reward mechanisms. \” Liu Shengtao talked freely about some reward mechanisms of Dan Teachers Association. Chapter 424 the purpose of Liu Shengtao (2) For Liu Shengtao\’s words, most of Jian Xi had heard what the president of the branch of yanjiabao Dan Teachers Association, Qinhuai Road, said when she was assessing the level 4 alchemist in yanjiabao. At this time, she didn\’t know what Liu Shengtao meant, but she didn\’t intend to interrupt him. Anyway, Siyu was asleep and idle, and listened to him. \”Of course, the more points you earn, the more benefits you get from the Dan guild. Some of these benefits you know more or less from some Dan guild, but you should not know most of them, because most of these benefits are not implemented in the Dan guild in the low-level mainland, because most of the alchemists here are too low to refine pills The points that can be exchanged are also very few. Most low-level alchemists are not willing to sell pills to the Dan guild in exchange for points, but prefer to exchange them for spiritual stones, because the less points, the lower the Dan square and the more common the spiritual materials. The more common the spiritual materials in the Dan guild are, the closer the price is to that in the market, and there is almost no place where they can reflect their preference and the higher the price The higher the value of level-1 holy materials or Dan prescriptions, the more valuable they can be. Moreover, most of the advanced holy materials can be purchased in the square market, but Dan prescriptions are not available everywhere. Almost all Dan prescriptions in the square market are only Dan prescriptions for first-class and second-class Dan medicines, and the third-class Dan prescriptions are very rare. If you want a higher-level Dan prescription, you can only exchange points in the Dan teachers\’ Association, \”Liu Shengtao said in one breath, At this time, I took a sip of spirit tea and had a rest. Although Jane Xi remembered that Qinhuai road said about points, she didn\’t care at that time, because her own Dan Book obtained in multiple doors recorded a lot of danfang, many of which she hadn\’t seen or heard in the square city. She didn\’t know if there were any other places, and she was afraid that because it was an ancient pill that had been lost for a long time, she didn\’t dare to show it to others easily. Of course, she will not lack Dan Fang. The alchemist seems to have only level 6, but the Dan Fang in the Dan book has been recorded to the ninth grade. Jianxi estimates that there will be no shortage of danfang before flying, so it\’s no wonder Jianxi doesn\’t pay attention to these. I didn\’t think about getting the pill to the Dan teachers\’ Guild in exchange for points. It can also be said that she simply forgot that points can be exchanged not only for the pill, but also for the spiritual material of alchemy. She just got it from the market or auction. At the same time, although Liu Shengtao smelled that the elixir incense left by Jianxi\’s Alchemy in this cave was a level 5 elixir, he didn\’t smell which kind of elixir it was, perhaps because the elixir incense here was too mixed. This is a fluke for Jane Xi. However, Jian Xi can barely gather the holy materials used to refine the five pill from both the market and the auction. At the same time, she also benefits from the holy medicine garden in Xiyuan territory. However, if she is refined at level 6 and after level 6, it is almost impossible for her to obtain a complete holy material of a pill in the market or auction, at least in this low-level continent, Only a few complete materials can be obtained from some big sects or clans. The level of pill can\’t be too high. Almost all the others have to exchange points from the Dan teachers\’ guild, even the chief alchemist in the low-level mainland such as Dan Yunzi is no exception. Jane regretted that there were no unsolvable difficulties, so she didn\’t think of the most important welfare of the Dan teachers\’ Association. Now let Liu Shengtao explain, she suddenly realized that she had put such a great advantage without thinking of using it. Every day, she foolishly bought it with Lingshi or went to the auction. After understanding this, Jian Xi also reminded herself that in the future, low-grade pills will be sold to the market or auction, and high-grade pills will get points from the Dan Teachers Association. To buy more advanced holy materials.


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