The child is afraid that her family will starve. No one will starve to death with her.

You can\’t go back, but you can come back and eat every day. Dad yuan thought his daughter\’s words were whimsical, so he suggested. \”I come back to eat every day, and you cook it for me every day?\” Yuan Caiyi asked with staring eyes. \”Of course\” Yuan\’s father didn\’t forget his daughter. \”I come back to eat every day, don\’t you bother?\” Yuan Caiyi looked like I didn\’t believe it. \”Of course not. When you come back every day, dad will make it for you every day. He doesn\’t bring a heavy sample every day. How about it?\” Dad yuan seduced. \”What you said! Don\’t go back\” \”I mean what I say\” \”Well, unfortunately not!\” Yuan Caiyi was defeated. \”Why not?\” Dad yuan asked knowingly. \”I know and ask, our family is not too far away from my home. The children have to eat and do their homework when they come home from school. There are also this class and that class. Our bus stops early and it\’s hard to take a taxi. How can we get back? Dad, my house is bigger, you and my mother can move to my house.\” Yuan Caiyi began to dream again. The atmosphere at home was so good that he had fun and talked and laughed. Yuan\’s father always teased Xinyu. Xinyu was not angry. He always fooled his grandparents first, and then laughed, making them happy Yuan Caiyi liked such an atmosphere and was so happy, but in the twinkling of an eye she found herself on the bed at home again. She looked at the wet marks on the sheets and the wrinkled paper. That\’s my report. It clearly tells me that my condition is in the advanced stage of cancer. What\’s the matter with you? In order to see this report. I seem to have known the result long ago? Then Cang Jun came back. He took the phone and roared at the people on the other side of the phone, as if to say: \”I\’m her husband. Take a break. Why do you scold me? My wife goes to work there. She doesn\’t work for you as a long-term worker or slave. Even if she\’s wrong, you don\’t have to insult you like that. Another word, believe it or not, I\’ll go to your company to beat you now. You old southerner, like a TM capitalist, don\’t rest for so many days. You\’re a machine. I\’ll tell you. I\’ll talk about it again Finally, our family\’s colorful clothes are no longer dry. Can you BB say that I want you to stay in J city forever? \”The look of dropping the phone is still so angry. No, how do you use the word \”return\”? Why does it seem like you have experienced all this? The scene changed again. How could he stand in front of Xinyu\’s bed and vaguely see his son\’s sleeping face in bed by the light outside. Gently stroking his face, why did the tears flow down uncontrollably. Continuous flow? At dawn, he put the three letters on the table and turned around with his bag on his back. Put on your shoes, turned around and closed the door. Everything so familiar in the door was closed in the door. Two lines of tears ran down your cheeks and walked downstairs numbly, step by step. \”You\’ve been like this. Since you don\’t want to treat it again, go home and take a walk wherever you like.\”. \”You look like this. It doesn\’t make much sense to be hospitalized.\” \”Since you have to do this, then pay the hospitalization expenses. You have no family?\”


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