Li Siyu sent the man away and put his military green satchel on the stool where no one sat.

When she rushed out of the magma lake, she caused two exclamations. As soon as Jian Xi looked back, she saw that her face was sweating. She described the embarrassed Ruan Tiancheng and the man walking with him. They wouldn\’t be following me. They\’ve been separated for so long. What are they doing here. Jane Xi\’s mind was racing, but there was no difference on her face. The man had flown and landed on the edge of the dark red cliff, and then said, \”elder martial brother Ruan, why are you here?\” \”I you\” Ruan Tiancheng was startled by Jian Xi who rushed out suddenly. For a moment, he forgot how to answer Jian Xi\’s questions. \”What are you? Tell me, witch, what are you doing down there? It looks like you\’re all right. It seems that you haven\’t taken less! Hand it in. It won\’t take me a while to search. You won\’t look good.\” Gao Pinxian looked at Jian Xi with disdain. \”What am I going down to do? It\’s none of your business?\” Jane Xi looked at him contemptuously. The man was a demon. She was very sure. It seemed that she had a close relationship with Ruan Tiancheng. Her mind turned slightly and she had an idea. \”Elder martial brother Ruan, I don\’t know why you\’re here?\” Jian Xi looked at Ruan Tiancheng\’s embarrassed look. I don\’t know what he meant. Have they been following themselves? \”Oh, I\’m afraid it\’s dangerous for you to come in. Although this is a small secret place shared by the two sects. Although there are not many treasures, the fire aura here is very suitable for the cultivation of fire attribute skill. So many disciples come here to practice in the name of doing tasks, but even so, it\’s not very peaceful. Some disciples have no chance It\’s safe for you to practice in the hall where the previous disciples gathered like other disciples, but you\’ve been going deep into it. It\’s very dangerous. I\’m not sure. I came in with Pinxian to see if you need help. But I didn\’t expect that \”Ruan Tiancheng watched her enter the magma fountain center. Gao Pinxian said that the woman must have been burned to ashes, but Ruan Tiancheng didn\’t believe it. He insisted on waiting here for a while to make sure. As a result, it was a full day, but he finally waited for Jianxi. If it weren\’t for his sister, Gao Pinxian wouldn\’t be here with the nerd waiting here, but he was the man his sister liked, and when he saw Jane Xi go in at the last sight, he seemed to be prepared and very calm. Does she have any magic weapon to resist the boiling magma? He felt that perhaps taking this as an excuse, he accompanied Ruan Tiancheng to wait here and have a look. If the woman came out safely, he would certainly gain something. Even if the man loved by his sister was killed, he would get those treasures. However, Ruan Tiancheng didn\’t know Gao Pinxian\’s idea. He was not the root of fire spirit. He insisted here for a full day, which was close to the limit. Now he saw that Jian Xi finally came out alive. His heart was a joy. Just when he answered Jian Xi\’s questions, his mind was dizzy, which was the precursor of spiritual overdraft. This place is really not suitable for him. Although he has insisted on relying on the rich wealth of core disciples for so long, he really can\’t hold on now. \”Elder martial brother Ruan, you should leave here quickly.\” Jian Xi is very grateful for Ruan Tiancheng\’s kindness, but looking at him like this, he is only a cultivation in the middle of his out of body. What can he help her? Chapter 614 carelessness in making friends Jian Xi\’s performance in front of people is only in the late stage of out of the body, which is also one of the reasons for Gao Pinxian\’s self-confidence. Because Gao Pinxian\’s cultivation is a great perfection in the out of the body period, he thinks it\’s a matter of minutes to destroy Jian Xi, which is not difficult to do. \”Well, are you okay? Let\’s leave here first.\” Ruan Tiancheng really doesn\’t want to stay here for another minute. He\’s so hot. Every ten or eight minutes, he has to drink an ice spirit liquid to help him cool down. He was prepared to use it here for a long time, but it\’s almost consumed this day. \”Let\’s go? Who let you go?\” Gao Pinxian is exactly the dual spiritual root of fire and gold, and focuses on the attribute of fire. Here, although the violent fire energy has also caused him a certain pressure, it is much better than Ruan Tiancheng. It seems that the cultivation of the two people is not as good as him. In addition, he really covets the magic weapon that can protect her from entering the magma, And her harvest. Looking at the ring on Jane Xi\’s hand, his eyes were full of greed. Jane Xi has understood his meaning, but it\’s not enough. She should be stimulated again. \”What do you mean? If we want to go, do we need your consent?\” Jane asked coldly.


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