Li Siyu remembered that he was going to rent a house today, so he cleaned up and ran out.

\”Please have mercy on me and let me see my family.\” just when Fang Tian was very sad and angry, Fang Fengyang knelt on the ground and looked at Fang Li and begged. Looking at Fang Fengyang, a fine light flashed in Fang Li\’s eyes, and then took a deep breath: \”come on!\” \”yes!\” Fang Li\’s words just fell, the courtyard door was pushed open, and then several Fang family guards knelt respectfully on one knee. \”Take Fang Fengyang down, destroy the family property, disrespect the young Lord, abolish Fang Fengyang\’s position as elder and shut him into the central law hall first.\” Fang Li\’s indifferent voice sounded slowly. After that, Fang Li paused and then said, \”send someone to find a doctor and take Fang Tian down to see the injury.\” \”yes!\” several guards were stunned and coveted, but soon recovered, Answer the voice together, and then some complexion complex walked towards Fang Fengyang. Looking at this situation, Fang Fengyang sighed a long time. Without resistance, he turned around and followed several guards away. However, before leaving, he looked at Fang Tian with concern, and then looked at Fang Yang with resentment. From beginning to end, none of the elders present pleaded for Fang Fengyang. Everyone knew that Fang\’s father and son had been killed this time. They used to stand on Fang Fengyang\’s side just for the sake of the family. Now they see that Fang Yang has recovered his cultivation and is better than before. Naturally, they won\’t stand in line. Even the elders who have good personal relations with Fang Fengyang chose to be silent. \”Ha ha ha, there are so many happy events today. God bless my yang\’er. I didn\’t expect that yang\’er could recover one day. It\’s deep tonight. I\’ll celebrate for yang\’er tomorrow!\” after the guard took Fang Fengyang down, Fang Li suddenly stood in the courtyard and laughed. Everyone can see that Fang Li is really happy. \”Congratulations to the patriarch, this is God bless our family!\” congratulations to the patriarch, the young Lord is blessed with heaven, and God bless himself! \”Several congratulatory sounds rolled out of the throat of several elders. Their congratulations are also sincere. If Fang Yang can recover, there is no doubt that Fang Yang is the best candidate for the successor of the family. \”Well, let\’s go first.\” after looking at the crowd, Fang Li smiled and nodded, but soon looked sideways at the four elders and snorted coldly: \”four elders, you are in charge of the central law hall. You should know how to deal with the three elders.\” \”yes.\” the four elders also offended Fang Li. In this case, it\’s too late to protect themselves, Where will you excuse the three elders. \”Yang\’er, come with me.\” he nodded. Fang Li turned to look and said to Fang Yang Ning. Then he turned and left. Fang Yang immediately followed. Soon, Fang Li and Fang Yang came to Fang Li\’s room. As the patriarch, Fang Li\’s courtyard was very large, including wing rooms, study and martial arts training ground. Entering the study, Fang Li just sat down and looked at Fang Yang seriously: \”Yang son!\” \”father, I\’m here.\” Fang Yang nodded.


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