Several factory directors nodded happily. It\’s hard to live without food.

\”You promised?\” \”hum, Ling Chen and Ling Xuan wanted to know that I was dead. They were already dead with me. Needless to say, I\’ll find them sooner or later.\” Fang Yang said. Qin Chuan replied: \”The weakening of my cultivation is only temporary. As long as I have time to cultivate, I can quickly improve back. It\’s just hateful. I don\’t have a weapon in my hand. I\’m defeated in the face of Ling Chen.\” Fang Yang frowned. After all, Ling Chen is the leader of a county. The cultivation of the empty and dark realm is too strong to be hostile with his current strength. This matter can only be discussed in the long run. Zhiya. At this time, the door was pushed open and Huolan came in from the outside. She swept in the room and looked at Qin Chuan in shock: \”he, he\’s awake?\” When she spoke, she was also a little afraid. After all, Qinchuan was the strength of the empty nether world. It was terrible. \”How are you getting information outside?\” Wu fan asked, \”what\’s the situation in Huoyu county now?\” Huolan took a careful look at Qinchuan and then said: \”Things in Huoyu county basically subsided. Most of the martial artists released from Ling\’s Dungeon were caught back, and only a small part escaped.\” Fang Yang nodded. He had expected this kind of thing for a long time. Ling Chen\’s strength was there, and with the guard army in Huoyu County, it was very easy to catch these people. The reason why they were released that day was just to make the situation chaotic. Fang Yang was surprised to be able to escape. \”Ling Chen also increased the reward for those people on the dragon and snake list, and there should be a series of arrests behind.\” Huolan said, thinking of something, \”by the way, one more thing, Ling Xuan, Ling Chen\’s only son, wants to take a concubine.\” \”take a concubine?\” Wu fan wondered, \”such a big thing has just happened in Huoyu county. Do you still want to take a concubine? Who does Ling Xuan want to marry?\” \”it seems to be Tang Xuan.\” Huolan was not sure. Bang! The wooden table in the center of the room was smashed. Fang Yang stood in the center with an iron face: \”who do you say? Tang still?\” Wu fan and Huolan were startled. Huolan hesitated and nodded: \”it\’s Tang still.\” \”Ling Xuan!\” Fang Yang\’s eyes were angry and his chest was filled with murderous thoughts. On second thought, he could guess that Tang was still worried about himself brought back to Huoyu County by Teng shuize, so he found Ling Xuan and wanted to save his life. He just didn\’t know why this is happening now. But Fang Yang didn\’t allow this to happen anyway!


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