When they saw that the office was back, their whispering stopped.

Chapter 177 a layer of experience Fang Yang never expected that Duan Ling would give such a high evaluation. When he got this nine palace sword in Shangyang palace that day, Fang Yang felt very comfortable and didn\’t think much about it. He just heard that the nine palace sword was excavated from a strange place. Later, he found the power of the spell in it, which aroused great power After he came here, he really attached importance to the nine palace sword in his hand, but even so, he didn\’t expect that the nine palace sword would contain such a big secret. Fang Yang was silent for a while, looked at the tower faintly, and suddenly said, \”if I break into the tower, how much strength can I improve?\” Duan Ling grinned: \”Anyway, it\’s much more powerful than you are now. Don\’t you think about the previous sword?\” when he mentioned this, Fang Yang clenched his teeth and said firmly, \”OK! I\’ll go in and have a look.\” Fang Yang is now suffering from his own lack of strength. In fact, he has enough against the martial artists in the general empty and dark world of the enemy, but his opponents are not a group of simple people. Fang Yang was annoyed that he didn\’t fight back in Zheng Ninghai\’s attack before. Now that he has the method to improve his strength, he won\’t give up no matter how difficult and dangerous it is. Let alone Fang Yang thought of the previous sword. The position of a sword rips the world, which is the real sword way! So Fang Yang decided to start and gallop towards the sword tower. His feet are connected to the sword Lake, and he wants to climb the tower with the help of the anti shock force. Although Fang Yang\’s sword in the nine palace sword is only the origin of his soul, it is actually no different from his ordinary strength After all, the source of the soul is his own real life. Although he thought well, his feet just touched the lake, and the originally quiet lake immediately rolled up. I saw the wind and waves rolled up on the sword Lake, and a vortex quickly formed from it. The sword intention was used, and countless sword sharp lights suddenly appeared from between the lakes. Whew. The sharp lights swept around and covered Fang Yang \”Shit, I knew it wouldn\’t be that easy.\” When Fang Yang cursed, pure Yang\’s mysterious Qi surged. His fingers and sword fingers waved together. He saw that the sword was intended to wrap around his fingertips and turn into a dragon and snake sword. The sword Qi rolled like a big ship riding the wind and waves and quickly ploughed a channel between the lakes. Fang Yang took advantage of the situation to rush forward and the sharp light penetrated around him. He was smart. Every time there was a sharp light close to him, there was a sword Qi running through him Seeing the peaceful sword Lake, the light is running and the sword intention is rampant. Within a moment, at least there are more than a hundred sword Qi rushing against each other. Duan Ling, standing far away, was stunned at the scene and couldn\’t help but read in pieces: \”this boy is really a demon who mends the sword.\” this scene of sword Qi forest movement is really rare.


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