You worked as a Secretary for deputy director Zhang for a day before, didn\’t you?

Not long ago, Fang Yang followed the charm and ran out of the land for several miles. His ears trembled, and the brush caught the charm back. In the mountains ahead, there was a voice of fierce fighting. \”Is that the sun Manzi in trouble?\” As soon as Fang Yang\’s mind turned, he quietly approached the distance. Before he knew what was going on, he still kept unchanged and responded to changes. Finally, he saw that a hundred and ten steps away, the trees collapsed, and several figures were fighting again and again. Seven martial artists besieged one person. The middle man was covered with blood and broke his arm. He was not sun Manzi. As for the rest of the martial artists, Fang Yang swept away At a glance, there were no familiar faces, but they were obviously all martial arts masters in Tiance mansion. Chapter 232. It was really unlucky for sun Manzi to exchange his life for injury. After he rushed into the fog with the Faceless Man, he was chased by the martial arts masters of Tiance mansion who followed him. In the chaos of the war, he separated from the rest. He entered the mountain forest alone. He was deeply hurt and was in the fog Shihai was injured under the interference of, but he didn\’t have a good rest. He directly ran into seven Tiance mansion warriors in the mountains and forests and fought endlessly. In fact, the strength of these seven people is not very strong, but they are all the strength in the early stage of the empty and dark realm. If they are sun Manzi in normal state, it\’s not difficult to kill these people, but he is in an extremely poor state and can\’t play 50% of his strength, so he is naturally in deep trouble \”Kill him! If you take his head back, you can exchange it for the reward of Wuji Mountain Gate!\” \”seeing that he is seriously injured, it\’s the best chance to kill him. There\’s no shop after this village.\” \”why should we wait for such a good thing?\” All seven of them are greedy. Sun Manzi is a famous figure on the killing list of all the sects of Tiance mansion. Even the dragon and snake list gives him a price of 21 million yuan. If you kill him, it will be a big reward! \” A martial artist with a blade burst out with a loud cry. The dark light on the blade in his hand came out, and the Tao shrouded in sun Manzi. The rest of the martial artists were not idle. When they started together, they saw the dark spirit surging, and the seven people did their best. Among the seven people, especially the men who used the blade, they had the strongest combat power. They were disciples from the chopping knife village in Tiance mansion, and had one blade The Xuanqi chop hit was sharp and fierce. Sun Manzi\’s teeth closed tightly, and the Xuanqi air remaining in the house turned out. \”Limitless God of war armor!\”


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