Li Siyu looked at the cleaned tables and chairs and was very satisfied. In the future, I will be a formal working class, and I can get paid every month!

Seeing that Fang Yang didn\’t look like a fake, Duan Ling was silent for a long time. He sighed with relief: \”you boy, it\’s really no use being a friend.\” he threw the glass ball to Fang Yang again with his backhand. \”What do you mean?\” Fang Yang frowned and asked. Duan Ling smiled proudly: \”I don\’t need this now.\” \”no, what do you mean?\” \”during your time, I just waited in the cave? I found a big loophole in the cave.\” Duan Ling suddenly said seriously. Fang Yang was surprised, loophole? Isn\’t that dangerous? If Chen Jiuyin knows the loophole and comes into Jianhe mansion, they will have to die. \”Don\’t panic.\” Duan Ling looked at Fang Yang\’s mind and hurriedly said, \”it\’s not that kind of loophole. It\’s not so much a loophole as a necessary restriction. You know, there are many restrictions in this ancient cave. Before you fully master the cave, there are many places you can\’t get in.\” Fang Yang nodded, just like an internal treasure house. Fang Yang coveted for a long time, The lowest of them must be green grain xuanbing. Unfortunately, they don\’t have permission to go in. \”Hey, hey, I found that this restriction is useless for the soul.\” Duan Ling said with a smile, \”that is to say, I can get in and out of the cave unimpeded. During this time, I have checked the whole cave.\” Fang Yang was stunned. Is that ok? But when you think about it carefully, it seems normal. After all, even the martial artists in chuyang can\’t act alone. Naturally, no one wants to limit this. However, Duan Ling is a rare flower in a thousand years. His soul can survive under the action of the fruit of creation. Not to mention unique, few can reach this level. \”Can you take out the things in there?\” Fang Yang asked pleasantly. If you can, just take out a few high-level green stripe xuanbing from the internal treasure house, your combat power will be greatly improved. What\’s more, Fang Yang doesn\’t believe that there are only green stripe xuanbing. While Fang Yang was daydreaming, Duan Ling\’s answer was extremely decisive: \”no, I\’m just a soul and body, and I can\’t bring anything.\” Fang Yang: \”well, I can\’t bring out the xuanbing, but it doesn\’t prevent me from entering into it to check the classics.\” Duan Ling seemed to want to prove her role, so she hurried, \”I have been unobstructed in the Xuantong hall. I have checked most of the ancient books outside, and I have some understanding of the 113 more precious sets of skill methods placed inside.\” Fang Yang was noncommittal, and the objects of skill methods were of limited help to him. \”The important thing is that I got a spiritual cultivation method in it, which is specially used to harden my soul. When my soul reaches great success, it is even better than those who practice martial arts! Now I have started to keep my soul, so the rain spirit holy dew is useless.\” Duan Ling explained. Fang Yang suddenly realized that no wonder the soul of Duan Ling looked a lot more substantial.


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