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Fang Yang saw that shuiqianrou and Tang still had a good relationship. He heard sun Manzi whisper that shuiqianrou was cold and hot. He lived here and was not good at expressing himself. He had a flat relationship with everyone. Only Tang was still hot-blooded and thought about shuiqianrou. They became very familiar with each other when they came and went. To say, shuiqianrou was really a good friend Abnormal Fang Yang just used the power of his soul to sweep her and found that her accomplishments had broken through the middle level of the early Yang realm. It was only a few months. The cultivation speed above the early Yang realm was no faster than that of the real martial arts level before. The dark Qi content required for each promotion had to be increased by ten times or even tens of times. Like the inner mountain elders in the pure Yang sect, who are you An old man who has not lived for hundreds of years only has such accomplishments. It only took Shui qianrou three or four months from the beginning of entering the early Yang realm to the middle of the early Yang realm. Fang Yang\’s accomplishments are nothing compared with her. This is the special feature of Jishui Xuanti. As long as you practice where there is water and Qi, you can absorb water and Qi into the body all the time and cultivate your own accomplishments It can only advance by leaps and bounds. However, this special constitution also has disadvantages, that is, when reaching some bottlenecks, if you can\’t break through as soon as possible, your life will be in danger. \”Unconsciously, so many combat forces have gathered around me.\” Fang Yang murmured. The people around him, regardless of the water qianrou of the Xuanti, picked out one of the others, and they were all outstanding in the first-class sect. They were located in the Jianhe hall. Fang Yang told them all about his trip to Tiance mansion. Duan Ling was shocked when he heard that Fang Yang swallowed the pure Yang Bodhi and had the meaning of pure Yang However, after that, he made a big fuss about the pure Yang sect. He practiced the pure Yang formula in the ten layers of fire slurry and got the inheritance of martial arts. Everyone was stunned. \”Monster\” Duan Ling\’s cheeks trembled after hearing this, \”You\’re such a broom star. There are a lot of things everywhere. It\’s only been a long time. How dare you even make a big fuss about Chunyang Zhenzong and return to the Tianyang realm? I\’ve lived for thousands of years and see only a few Tianyang realms!\” sun Manzi also bared his teeth: \”Chunyang Zhenzong, this is one of the six major sects. In fact, its strength is estimated to be better than that of Wuji Mountain Gate. That is, there are too few disciples in it, otherwise the first position of the six major sects is theirs. You have learned the inheritance martial arts of the whole sect. Then Chunyang Zhenzong doesn\’t want to hate you!\” \”I already hate you.\” Fang Yang shrugged. \”They don\’t know how many people they sent to chase me.\” Xiao Si and Xin Guihua couldn\’t say a word for a long time. \”It\’s nothing. Now that I\’ve returned to Jianhe mansion, don\’t think about me unless the martial arts in Tianyang territory fight. There are only two months left from the battle of the mansion. I\’ll shut down again and seize the time to improve my cultivation.\” Fang Yang said. When I mentioned this, sun Manzi\’s expression became serious. \”We should also improve our strength as soon as possible. Although our strength is good, the enemy is even stronger. Xing Yuting has long been at the level of the early Yang state. If I don\’t get promoted to the early Yang state, it\’s hard for me to be his opponent! This time, I\’ll make him pay with blood anyway!\” sun Manzi clenched his fist heavily. Xin Guihua and Gou Sishui nodded one after another. \”Fang Yang, we\’re going too.\” Tang still whispered with shuiqianrou. \”You\’re going too?\” Fang Yang was stunned. \”Why, do you despise our strength! You promised me to take me earlier.\” Tang still looked up with a small face.


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