A woman hurried to the door. When she opened the door, she saw Li Siyu standing with a cabbage in her arms. She looked embarrassed.

The old man looked pale, but he was powerless in the face of this situation. Han Huo sneered, and those who teased him should end up like this. If he had to kill them, he would find the treasure left by Li Ru even if he dug three feet into the ground! Thinking of this, he looked at the old man again with a ferocious face and wanted to take the old man\’s life one after another. At this time, Pa. one The sound came from behind. Han Huo was stunned. The sound was definitely not the sound of the flesh falling on the wall. What\’s the matter? He suddenly turned his head and saw that the child who should have died in a moment under his own drag was now safely held in his arms by a young man. The young man had a clear face and beautiful eyes. At this time, he stepped in from the outside, Asked calmly. \”Is this the home of Li Wenwen?\” Chapter 410 Li Ru, Han Huo was stunned by the past. The people behind him were all stunned. When did he appear? How did he appear so suddenly? Let\’s not say that Han Huo is also a martial artist in the empty and dark world. He has a strong soul and can sense the breath around him. At least there are more than a dozen people flying volcanoes here. For some reason, there is one more person among them Among them, no one found that? They were all distracted? Li Wenwen was surprised and happy, and hurriedly ran over there: \”crow, crow, are you all right.\” the child shrank in Fang Yang\’s arms, as if frightened, and his beautiful face turned white. Until Li Wenwen ran to his side, he was like waking up from a dream. \”Grandpa!\” The child came down from Fang Yang\’s arms and rushed to Li Wenwen\’s side. On their side, ye and Han Huo were both safe and happy, but on the other side, Han Huo was not happy. \”Where\’s the boy? Don\’t you see me here? I\’m the leader of feivolcanic mountain. Where are you from? Report your name!\” Han Huo angrily said. Seeing Fang Yang, he felt that he had a special breath flowing endlessly, so he didn\’t hurry to come up and couldn\’t wait to attack. Fang Yang turned a deaf ear to his words. He smiled gently and looked at Li Wenwen: \”you are the predecessor of Li Wenwen.\” Li Wenwen calmed down from his previous fright. Looking at the benefactor who saved his grandson, Li Wenwen bowed down and said, \”it\’s Li Wenwen, old man. Thank you for your help.\”


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