Do you know each other? Li Siyu looked at the two people dislike each other, but he didn\’t expect to know each other.

\”I\’ll go with you,\” said a thin middle-aged man on the side of the head. His breath was flat, and he didn\’t show any strong breath, and his body was like a dead wood. But even Wan Qingtian, the Golden Lion who has been indifferent, raised his eyebrows: \”Oh? Xiao Da, I seldom see you volunteering.\” the middle-aged man who became Xiao Da, but the captain of the third team in the Golden Lion regiment and the existence of the top five in strength! Xiao Da smiled on his thin face: \”I just heard that the man is good at using a sword and his hands are itchy.\” \”go, go, it\’s not a problem for Nie Shuang to cooperate with you to find the guy.\” Wan Qingtian waved his hand. Such trifles seemed too lazy to tangle. He looked at Wan Ning standing quietly over there indifferently. \”You go too. The last blow is to kill you and wash away the shame.\” \”yes!\” Wanning quickly answered, and a ferocious color appeared on his face. Damn guy, I said I wouldn\’t let you go! I\’ll make you look good when I see you next time!! \”it should be here.\” In mid air, the golden boat was flying slowly. Fang Yang held the jade slips and looked around. After determining the location here, he also glanced around and finally fixed his frame on a low hill. Fang Yang jumped down and grabbed it with his right hand. The previous huge golden boat turned into streamer light and narrowed into a toy shape, which was collected by Fang Yang. Then he also fell on the hill. The hill is only three or five feet high. It\’s empty and inconspicuous. But Fang Yang learned from the jade slips that there is an entrance to a small relic hidden in the hill. His spirit moved and swept around. After a good exploration, Fang Yang\’s eyes lit up, then his body moved, and instantly came to the side of the gravel at the bottom of the hill. The gravel scattered All over the place were irregular shapes. It was supposed that the whole thing had been blown apart. Fang Yang walked around and found a small desk. \”This was originally a statue, the entry beauty of the ruins. Later, the man smashed the statue and hid the trace, but the place where the door was opened was on this desk.\” Fang Yang whispered, raised his hand and knocked on the desk. Then he touched a pass and pressed it. Click, and there was a soft sound. Then the light around the stone platform suddenly changed and directly enveloped Fang Yang. Fang Yang\’s body trembled, and he was swallowed up by the light. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared in place. After Fang Yang disappeared, there was no time for a cup of tea , several streamers also fell one after another. \”It\’s here.\” Nie Shuang, leader of the ninth team of the Golden Lion regiment, swept around and said firmly. Beside him were Xiao Da, leader of the third team, Wan Ning, and 20 good players of the ninth team. They came here to find Fang Yang\’s whereabouts, kill Fang Yang, and help Wan Ning avenge.


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