This book tells the story of Mingxuan, a poor noble lady, who became the concubine of the king of Wu from a small palace maid, and finally became a high-ranking imperial concubine and Empress Dowager.

Looking at the crowd leaving, Fang Yang took a deep breath and smiled bitterly: \”it was originally a line of experience, but I didn\’t expect to encounter such a thing. This is a mess. Then he shook his head. Since he couldn\’t hide, Fang Yang didn\’t waste his mind on this matter. His eyes turned around, the thunder light floated on his back, and the thunder light wings ran out, With Fang Yang turned into streamer, he went away. With the help of Tianmu Shenguang formula, Fang Yang soon found an island filled with Xuanqi. After confirming that there were no large groups on the island, Fang Yang\’s body fell straight, and he also entered between the islands. When the sword of the nine palaces is waved, the sword will explode, which is to open up a deep underwater cave between the islands and go straight into it. With the help of the dense Xuanqi in the surrounding ocean, Fang Yang began to seal the entrance and retreat. In the past, he killed the double hammer Dong Hai, defeated the tiger and pig Ju Luo, and then fought with Leighton, the divine fist. Under the continuous use of Xuanqi, the Xuanqi gathered in Fangyang\’s house and hidden into a vortex. It also has the scenery of Dragon Lake, which is a beautiful intersection of dragons and tigers across the sky. When you reach this step, you can break through the intersection of dragon and tiger in one step and greatly increase your strength! Thinking of this, Fang Yang also didn\’t waste time. The pure Yang and Xuan Qi in his body circulated and started quickly. The dark Qi in the body initially flows like a gentle stream, but with Fang Yang deliberately increasing the flow speed, the dark Qi runs faster and faster. After passing the vortex point, it is absorbed by the vortex, erupts suddenly, and flows out like a Taotao river. Staggered front and back, connecting the preceding and the following. In the continuous movement of Xuanqi, I saw the vortex gradually expand and strengthen, which vaguely revealed a strong feeling, just like the power of dragons and tigers. Finally, I don\’t know how long later, the Xuanqi in Fang Yang\’s body worked to the extreme. Boom! The vortex burst and the Xuan Qi scattered everywhere. Fang Yang only felt that several violent Xuan Qi poured into his meridians, and almost burst himself for a moment. He kept his mind stable and relaxed his body. After three weeks of Xuanqi running again in his body, he opened his eyes and roared! At the same time, the mysterious Qi surging in his body burst out immediately, just like a fire. Fang Yang was red and bright, with the image of dragon and tiger behind him. When he looked inside carefully, the previous location of the inner house was originally a place to store the mysterious Qi. At this time, it was like heaven and earth, and the vortex was like a nebula. His pure Yang mysterious Qi was rotating rapidly around the vortex, with a sense of vitality. \”The dragon and the tiger meet, it\’s done!\” Fang Yang said with great joy. He ran the Xuanqi a little, and felt the roaring sound of his breath rushing into the sea. Reaching the intersection of dragon and tiger, the mysterious Qi in the body flows continuously, which is a great improvement for yourself! With a little try, Fang Yang can clearly feel the richness of his Xuanqi at this time, which is absolutely incomparable before. \”With this mysterious Qi, you should be able to protect yourself.\” Fang Yang whispered, and then gave Luo Xiaoyan to his jade hand Jue experience. Take this opportunity to integrate and enhance your strength


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