Originally, he had his own mother and shouldn\’t have done it by himself, but the man didn\’t ask.

After all, it was poisonous Luo who came as the rest of the demons. Although he could do this, it could not be so fast. Fortunately, at this time, poisonous Luo has been killed by him. Otherwise, if poisonous Luo continues, these 30000 people are absolutely dead. \”How\’s the courtyard? Can someone come?\” Fang Yang asked. Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads. No one\’s coming? Fang Yang had a bad feeling in his heart. The momentum here is so great that the divine alchemist can\’t perceive it. Rao hasn\’t sent anyone to check, which can only show that something has happened there! Is it the great Asura who can\’t get rid of the thorny figure that God operators can\’t get rid of? \”Before, there was a vision between the valleys and the mountains shook,\” someone said. Fang Yang was worried about the things in the valley and said to several people, \”stay here to rectify, heal the wounded, and then open the large array to take shelter. I\’ll go to the valley.\” they should go down. Then Fang Yang cast his thunder light wing and immediately came out and fell directly into the valley. His body had just reached the periphery of the valley, and his heart sank before he entered it. The air above the valley was swirling, which brought an extremely heavy feeling to Fang Yang. When he glanced away, he saw that half of the tall mountains around the courtyard collapsed, especially the two lazy and broken, the upper half disappeared, and the gap was neat as if it had been cut by something. \”What a terrible power. It can cut the mountain in one blow. What level of martial arts can do this?\” Fang Yang fell sharply into the valley. Then he saw the courtyard in the middle of the valley. The courtyard was still standing. Different from the messy scene here, the surface of the courtyard seemed to be a little messy. The spiritual materials planted in the fields in the courtyard had been completely destroyed. The first thing Fang Yang saw was the bodies lying around the courtyard, all of whom were the top 100 people he had seen before. The short body checked the death of all the people. All of them were killed with one sword. They pierced the skull and broke the soul. The form and spirit were all destroyed. There was no chance of a second sword at all. \”They are all the top 100 martial artists in the Dragon list. At the worst, they also have some means to protect their lives. They didn\’t even respond at all.\” Fang Yang was horrified. Then he hurried in. There was no trace of fierce battle in the courtyard. The courtyard was obviously an ordinary thing, but it survived when the surrounding mountains collapsed. It was amazing.


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