Get up, said empress dowager Yang kindly. She looked carefully at the girl in front of her. Her white and tender face and charming appearance, especially her eyes, were very clear. She was such a Shuiling person. The depressed mood of Empress Dowager Yang due to her return to the palace has improved.

\”Avenge my brother.\” \”for Fang Yang!\” after the silence, the crowd was also excited. One face was firm and showed confidence in killing. Li mubai quietly looked at the light column on the yin-yang immortal hall. After the outbreak, it gradually subsided, and he vomited a long breath of turbidity. \”Fang Yang, you have to come on.\” The sound echoed and drifted away with the wind. Yin and Yang were reversed and the light was reversed. Under the swallow of the light column, Fang Yang\’s body trembled and disappeared from the Yin and Yang immortal hall in the blink of an eye. When he opened and closed, he was already in ruins. On the grass hurried plain, the huge palace was broken into countless rubble. It was like having experienced a strong earthquake, killing all the naked eyes The visible pavilions and halls have been shaken into ruins Fang Yang whispered. Looking at the familiar scenes around him, he knew that he had come to the yin-yang immortal hall on the inner floor. As soon as his right hand was loose, the Emperor Ming, who had been tightly grasped by him, immediately rushed out. His eyes swept around. After seeing the ruins and familiar houses under him, his eyes obviously revealed a dull look. But he woke up a moment later , he looked crazy again: \”I want to go back! Let me go back quickly!!\” he desperately picked up the ruins under him and wanted to dig a passage from them, but it was useless. \”Give up.\” Fang Yang said, \”The yin-yang immortal hall on the inner layer and the surface layer can only come and go by relying on the core and key seats. The yin-yang immortal hall here has completely collapsed when I last went back. Therefore, there is no way to go back.\” the emperor turned his head and looked ferocious: \”can\’t you go back?\” Fang Yang picked his eyebrows, which was the default. \”You\’re a madman!\” The Emperor Ming was angry and rushed up in front of Fang Yang. Fang Yang looked at his movements silently. When the Emperor Ming rushed in front of him, the nine palace sword in his hand suddenly pointed and the sword Qi exploded.


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