The cat bowed her head, her eyes full of vigilance, and did not take a step closer.

How did this happen? Ding Xuan is a warrior at the level of integration of heaven and man. His own strength is real. At this level, the spirit is powerful. Even if he is separated from the flesh, he can survive well and even maintain a certain combat power. But Ding Xuan was crushed by Fang Yang before, and it should be that the spirit ran away, but Fang Yang didn\’t see any sign of his spirit coming out at all. \”The previous red dragon virtual shadow\” Fang Yang thought slightly. The red dragon virtual shadow was special, but he was sure it was not Ding Xuan\’s spirit. Although the divine spirit derived from the Dharma phase, it was only an extension of the surge in the power of the divine soul. In fact, it was not the divine soul. The red dragon virtual shadow that escaped is likely to be the red fire dragon yuan in Ding Xuan\’s body. As for why Longyuan has vitality, this is not what Fang Yang can understand. Presumably, it should be that long yuan left some backhands when distributing them. Fang Yang\’s mind turned, but since Ding Xuan had determined that he was dead, it was also a matter of Fang Yang\’s mind. He won\’t be in charge of the follow-up. Fang Yang stood up. He suddenly thought of something. He turned decisively and flew to the distance. The spirit swept around, and a thick color of joy appeared on his face. His figure moved, and sure enough, he fell. The dark air in his palm flowed. As soon as he grasped the void around him, he saw several red lights darting out of the gravel pit and falling into Fang Yang\’s hand. A total of five beads were spinning, and the red light was threatening. Congenital Xuanbao, five fire spirit beads! Although Ding Xuan\’s Dragon yuan turned into a dragon and fled, it could not escape. At this time, Fang Yang took it all. Five fire spirit beads, this is a congenital mysterious treasure! It\’s a first-class good thing. It\’s rare in the whole leilin continent. Fang Yang had experienced the power of this thing when he was just in Ding Xuan\’s hands. Now that Ding Xuan died, it naturally fell into Fang Yang\’s hands. \”The five spirit beads contain the fire of heaven and earth, which can match my pure Yang Xuanqi. If I can completely sacrifice and refine, I can also be regarded as a hindhand.\” Fang Yang whispered, and the pure Yang Xuanqi in his body moved and crossed over to the five spirit beads. Under the pure Yang\’s mysterious Qi, I saw a flash of red light, and the five beads immediately rotated and flew around Fang Yang. Because Ding Xuanshen died, the spirits and ideas left in him also lost their effectiveness. Therefore, Fang Yang can play a wonderful role with a little refining. However, it is only limited to this. If you want to give full play to the power of these congenital Xuanbao, it will take some time to study good life sacrifice and refining. \”It\’s really a good baby.\” Fang Yang smiled. It was the biggest surprise to kill Ding Xuan. Even if he hasn\’t had a good experience, Fang Yang can be sure just by simply feeling the pure Yang Xuanqi. Ding Xuan didn\’t study the power of the five fire spirit beads thoroughly. The potential of this thing is much stronger than when he controls it. \”I don\’t know if there is anything good on Ding Xuan,\” Fang Yang muttered. He looked at Ding Xuan\’s body over there. He was just about to approach and study it. At this time, the alarm suddenly rose in his heart. Fang Yang suddenly looked up and saw a dark green air burst in the distance. The place where the dark air burst was still tens of miles away from here, but the aftershock still affected this place. Feeling the roar of this energy, Fang Yang\’s mind was also tight. When the spirit looked away from afar, he saw several body shapes flying here. The body shape fought fiercely and retreated at the same time. The speed was very fast. It didn\’t take long to appear in Fang Yang\’s field of vision. When Fang Yang sweeps, the pupil shrinks.


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