Seeing this, Empress Dowager Yang had some guesses in her heart. After all, as her close mother, there are few things that can\’t be said, unless this person has a special identity.

The smile on Wansen\’s face did not change, but it fell into Wang Changming\’s eyes at this time. How can it have a cold and fierce meaning. \”You can rest forever now.\” Wansen said, pumping his right hand and slapping it. Wang Changming\’s body fell directly on the clouds. He watched his body cool bit by bit and gradually lost his voice. Fang Yang also happened to come at this time. \”Fortunately, you came.\” Fang Yang smiled. \”I\’m just a coincidence. I heard the roar of the Dragon here. I knew something had happened. The Dragon King who could force him here was so embarrassed. I didn\’t expect anyone else except you. I didn\’t expect to come and see that he bumped into this scene. It was unlucky for this guy.\” Wansen looked down at Wang Changming. If any of the others came, he might really run away. \”Now that a Wang Changming is dead, it will be easier to do next.\” Fang Yang said. Wansen nodded: \”let\’s leave here first. The momentum here is not small. I\’m afraid someone will come soon.\” Fang Yang answered. They were just about to get up and leave. At this time, Wang Changming, who was already dead, suddenly got up and rushed straight ahead. \”Good you Wansen! It\’s a traitor. I know this time. I won\’t make you two feel better!\” his voice was full of bitterness and anger. Fang Yang and WAN Sen were stunned, and their faces became extremely ugly. \”How? I\’ve already killed him!\” Wan Sen exclaimed. Fang Yang\’s face was also heavy. Although his spirit was weakened, he had not yet reached the level where he could not explore the vitality. Just now he clearly felt that Wang Changming\’s vitality had died, but now what\’s going on? Alive? \”You can\’t let him go!\” Fang Yang said. Wansen also rushed out, but they were stunned. Wang Changming\’s speed was extremely fast, and he had rushed out several miles away. Previously, it was clear that he was badly injured, but at this time, not only did he have no injuries, but his state reached the most perfect condition. This scene is really strange. Fang Yang couldn\’t catch up, and watched Wang Changming go farther and farther. Once he really runs away and tells the story of his union with Wansen, they have no secret advantage and are afraid of great danger! Wansen, in particular, is now a dragon king. His life is connected with the Dragon yuan. If Longyuan lets him die, he can\’t resist it!


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