OK. mammy Chen just said, but,

Generally speaking, the length of service is too short to participate in the distribution of houses. But when the workers take the money, there must be benefits. That\’s why we can raise more money. Li Siyu is a little worried. It\’s the middle of the month now. There aren\’t many days at the end of the month. With a sigh, Li Siyu agreed to solve the backlog first and talk about it later. After work in the evening, Li Siyu went home to cook as usual, and then went to the hospital with his lunch box. Li Chengcai sat by the bed talking to the old lady. He was not tired at all. It\’s still young people who resist tossing. Li Siyu, a 17-year-old man, put down his lunch box and arranged for two people to eat. I cooked something delicious for dinner, but considering the old lady\’s age, I didn\’t cook too greasy. Stewed a pig\’s hoof soup and a braised meat and potatoes. The old lady didn\’t eat a few pieces of meat. She ate half a pig\’s hoof and a lot of potatoes. Half a box of two rice is also eaten up. Li Chengcai was even worse. The rest of the food went into his stomach. \”Oh, I\’d better follow my sister-in-law.\” Li Chengcai touched his stomach with satisfaction and smiled on his face. The old lady glanced at him, \”hurry to brush the lunch box and wait for your sister-in-law to serve you here? Your sister-in-law is so tired from working all day. She has to cook and deliver food to us. She has no eyesight!\” Li Chengcai was not angry when he heard the old lady\’s words. He nodded and agreed with a smile and got up to brush the lunch box. Li Siyu didn\’t stop him, and brushing two lunch boxes couldn\’t tire him. Because she loved dinner before she came, she didn\’t hurry back and sat by the bed chatting with the old lady. \”Our family doesn\’t have much money, just food. It\’s all at your brother\’s house. Let the army send it to us in a few days.\” the old lady thought about Li Siyu. She spent a lot of money to see her doctor. She was afraid there was nothing to eat and drink when she went back, so she planned to bring her rations.


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