From above came a cold voice: don\’t move.

\”How did you buy so many things back?\” Yang Jun saw that there were white faced chickens, and there were people selling them in the city. The cloth is not old or young, which gives him a headache. With so much money for coarse grain, how long will it last. \”What did you buy?\” Li sinang was not happy. She always saved money. When would she be willing to buy so many things. \”This is from my mother.\” \”ah?\” Yang Jun was stunned by her words. The mother-in-law who rowed everything home brought them something? Or meat and noodles? Cloth, too? After so many years with him, can Li Sinong not know what his expression means? She glanced at Yang Jun, \”this is what my sister asked me to give it. My mother said, let\’s talk to my sister in the future?\” well, it\’s brainwashed again. Yang Jun naturally knows what his mother-in-law looks like. Before, every time Li Sinong went back, she had to brainwash once. But there\’s still something to take this time? Yang Jun said, whatever you wash, I\’m not willing to lose! Yang Jun was also pleased to think that Li Siyu was doing well in the city. After all, the old lady was there and the old man suffered if he didn\’t do well. \”Next time you send some good things, so many things will cost a lot of money.\” one yard to one yard, Yang Jun understood the old lady\’s stinginess before. A large family, unlike their family of three workers, is better off than the countryside. Li Si Nong naturally understood, \”it\’s up to you to say this?\” Li Si Yu ran around all day. She didn\’t adapt to the job, but she couldn\’t change it. And Lin Cheng, finally in a meeting, worked hard, Li Siyu\’s work was gone.


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