Although empress dowager Yang didn\’t find anything this time, she wasn\’t discouraged. It\’s all right, I don\’t believe I can\’t try it out.

Lincheng\’s idea is to protect the environment, set up garbage cans, and arrange the stones in the streets. After all, street sweepers are fooling around every day. It\’s really messy like not sweeping. When leader Zhou saw that he had finished speaking, he nodded with satisfaction and said, \”this suggestion is very good. There is really a lot of garbage on the road recently, and no one can deal with it.\” now the work efficiency is generally not high. Unless those with overtime subsidies may make some efforts, they are all fooling around. Next, everyone talked about their own views. When it came to Li Siyu, she proposed to plan all the factories outside the city. Team leader Zhou kept silent. In fact, this is very difficult, but if it is really implemented, as Li Siyu said, it will certainly have a good effect. Now there are many people in the city and many residents live around the factory, but this is too difficult to implement. Everyone knew that Xu Weinan looked at Li Siyu sarcastically. It was really fantastic. But Li Siyu doesn\’t think so. Since leader Zhou praised her idea, he must agree in his heart. So she didn\’t panic at all. She talked about all her ideas and the problems mentioned in the manuscript slowly. Li Siyu sat down and Wang Jie began to explain. It is equally difficult to implement his urban planning and roads. On the one hand, there is the problem of funds, and on the other hand, there is the problem of manpower. It is really difficult to solve this problem, but now the planning team has been established to solve these problems, so don\’t panic. Team leader Zhou also let you know the next work in all aspects today, because the next work must be carried out by the opinions put forward by these people. \”OK, let\’s go back first.\” group leader Zhou said nothing and got up and left first. Everyone also took their own manuscripts back. Those whose names were not mentioned were scattered on the table, like rags. The others picked up the manuscript in embarrassment and left in dismay. In the evening, when Li Siyu went back, he gave Liu Chengxue a look, and then saw her nod. Then he left. When Li Siyu returned to the dormitory, he took out 20 kilograms of corn noodles. He was afraid that it was not enough, and he prepared 20 kilograms in the space. She read the book first and soon heard a knock at the door outside. Open the door and see Liu Chengxue standing at the door, Li Siyu said, \”come in.\”


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