He can\’t help shaking his head. Although his majesty has desires, he hasn\’t been as frequent as these days. It seems that Miss Shen is really a good person.

Seeing that she only came to college now, it is estimated that she has no background. She must have strength to be recommended. \”Well, it\’s rare.\” Professor Han nodded and looked forward to Li Siyu, a female student. However, if this person learns well or not, he can see how far he can go in the future. Qin Chuan has been lingering. When he heard that Li Siyu was a municipal cadre before entering school, his eyes were full of surprise. How difficult is it to be a cadre now? You can be a worker in a factory, but you may not be able to enter the municipal government. This is the qualitative difference! Qin Chuan\’s eyes changed when he looked at Li Siyu. He envied him. What a powerful person he was. It\’s amazing to be a cadre at a young age. With a smile on his face, Professor Han said two words to her and took a step first. Li Siyu also went back. There is only one class today, because school has just started, so there is no such tight course. Li Siyu returned to the dormitory and didn\’t see anyone. She closed the door, went back to the lower berth and put down all the curtains. After entering the space, Li Siyu took some snacks and sat at a simple desk for him to read. Now the textbook is quite simple, at least she can understand some. No, she went to look for Peng lingman\’s notes. Sometimes more understanding and reading more books will make the content in class easier to understand. She knew in her heart that the university would fall down in another two years. When the sports come, everyone will go to the countryside to jump the queue. But she doesn\’t have to. It\’s a big deal to go back to work. I think team leader Zhou will agree. Although he didn\’t graduate, he was a college student at least. In fact, she also wants to jump, but her strength doesn\’t allow it. She doesn\’t have the strength to jump at all. Sighed. Li Siyu read the book honestly. Take your time. It\’s no big deal to come and read it again! Chapter 238 on the first day of helping the poor, everyone had a good time and came back to discuss new students and new courses. Even Xiao AI, who has always talked to little, said how his professional courses were and whether the teacher spoke well.


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