I wanted to beg for mercy, but seeing his majesty drinking tea, I was afraid to disturb him, so I had to worry uselessly.

Li Siyu is holding the watch Lin Cheng gave her to communicate with others. The strap of this watch was scalded by her during the new year, and the leather on the surface has been deformed. At that time, Lincheng wanted to buy her another one, but she didn\’t want it. This watch is not broken. Just change the strap. There are so many watches in the space. If you buy more, it will cost more than 100 yuan. She told the salesperson about her watch and was told to pick it up three days later. \”Classmate Li.\” as soon as Li Siyu was about to leave, he was stopped by Wei Xingbo. She looked back at the man. Her former primary school sister had disappeared, but why did the man always hold on to himself? Is it difficult that she really has so much charm and is liked by others? \”Mr. Wei, what can I do for you?\” Li Siyu looked at him faintly. If you have a fart, let it go. If you have nothing to do, let it go. Wei Xingbo also found that she was a little impatient, so he said awkwardly, \”I\’m really very sorry for causing you trouble just now because of my problem.\” \”well, I accepted the apology. Is there anything else?\” Li Siyu habitually looked up at her watch and found that she had just sent someone to change the watch strap. \”It\’s ten o\’clock now.\” Wei Xingbo immediately looked at his watch and told her. Li Siyu nodded and said he already knew. It\’s really difficult for Wei Xingbo. It\’s embarrassing to chat with people like her. She\’s useless. \”Anything else? I\’m going back.\” Li Siyu didn\’t want to meet him too much. On the one hand, Wei Xingbo is a little popular. If you have more contacts with her, you will be targeted by the primary school sister of the school. Another reason is that she still has an object. How can she stay away from the turned boys. Well, Li Siyu thinks he is also a good object not to be coquettish.


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